Sugarplum Fairies and Decorator Darlings

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Guests on the promenade of the David H. Koch Theater for the New York City Ballet and The School of American Ballet's Nutcracker Family Benefit.

On Saturday, December 10, 2022 New York City Ballet and The School of American Ballet joined forces, once again, for The Nutcracker Family Benefit – one of New York’s favorite holiday events for families. Megan Brodsky, Shannon Caspersen, Rebecca Hessel Cohen, Marcella Guarino Hymowitz, and Olivia Wassenaar served as Event Chairs. Kellie Johnson Abreu of First Republic Bank served as Corporate Chair.

The benefit began with a performance of the timeless classic, George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker™, followed by a holiday party on the Theater’s Promenade where the Sugarplum Fairy and characters from the production signed autographs and mingled with guests. More than 700 guests attended the event, which raised over $900,000, is a critical source of support for New York City Ballet and its Education and Outreach Programs as well at The School of American Ballet’s Scholarship Fund.

2022 Nutcracker Family Benefit Chairs Kellie Johnson Abreu, Olivia Wassenaar, Rebecca Hessel Cohen, Megan Brodsky, Shannon Caspersen, and Marcella Guarino Hymowitz.
Dancers of New York City Ballet’s production of George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker.
NYCB Soloist Ashley Hod signs autographs for party guests.
Children attend the Nutcracker Family Benefit.
NYCB Associate Artistic Director Wendy Whelan, Ronald Beck, Elizbeth Beck, Stephanie Bronfman, and Matthew Bird.
Kate Davidson Hudson and Rebecca Hessel Cohen.
Students from the School of American Ballet wave to guests at the Nutcracker Family Benefit.
Children attend the Nutcracker Family Benefit.
Table décor and gingerbread houses.

On December 6, 2022, Museum of the City of New York hosted the second annual Symposium & Luncheon, which featured a champagne reception, a look inside some of New York’s greatest apartments, and a luncheon. Town & Country Editor-in-Chief and Elle Décor Editorial Director Stellene Volandes, along with design experts and authors Maria Hummer-Tuttle, Stewart Manger, Richard Mishaan, and Alex Papachristidis, took a deep dive into answering the question “How to be an interior designer in NYC?”

Alex Papachristidis, Richard Mishaan, Stewart Manger, and Maria Hummer-Tuttle.

Attendees included Elizabeth Belfer; Julianne Bertagna; Lucida Bhavsar; Andreas Blanco; Chesie Breen; Kate Brodsky; Laura Tisch Broumand; Amy Butte; Carolyn Clark-Tenney; Ann Coley; Cynthia Curry; Mignon Espy Edwards; Cornelia Ercklentz; Gloria Fieldcamp; Elba Galvan; Mark Gilbertson; Robbie Gutman; Janna Haroche; James Horton; Blair Husain; Allison Kanders; Cindy Ketchum; Jennifer Marrus; Scott Nerson; Ellen Niven; Betsy Pitts; Karen Ryan; Sonia Seth; Theo Spilka, Daryl Brown Uber; and Bunny Williams as well as Museum leadership including Whitney Donhauser, Ronay Menschel Director and President; Sarah Henry, Robert A. and Elizabeth Rohn Jeffe Chief Curator; and Keith Butler, VP of Development.

The Museum of the City of New York fosters understanding of the distinctive nature of urban life in the world’s most influential metropolis.  Winner of “Best Museum” in Time Out New York’s “Best of the City 2021” and multiple American Alliance of Museums (AAM) awards, MCNY engages visitors by celebrating, documenting, and interpreting the city’s past, present, and future. To connect with the Museum’s award-winning digital content, visit

Ann Coley, Ellen Niven, and Chesie Breen.
Kate Brodsky and Bunny Williams.
Laura Tisch Broumand, Whitney Donhauser, and Karen Ryan.
Robbie Gutman, Andreas Blanco, Alex Papachristidis, and Stewart Manger.
Sarah Henry, Theo Spilka, and Mignon Espy Edwards.
Sonia Seth, Lucida Bhavsar, and Amy Butte.
Whitney Donhauser, Keith Butler, and Daryl Brown Uber.
Richard Mishaan, Maria Hummer-Tuttle, Alex Papachristidis, and Stewart Manger.

One of the great New York traditions that has returned from its COVID hiatus is the annual warm and wonderful holiday gathering hosted by the Decorators Club at one of the city’s most revered private clubs.

This most august of professional womens’ organizations, made up of New York’s leaders in the rarified world of interior design and aligned businesses, boasts pretty much every superstar and then some. And for one night only, the great ladies of decor all put on red outfits and welcome their friends and colleagues for Christmas cheer.

The convivial crowd.

L. to r.: Allegra Eiffler and Katie Ridder; Stephen Mooney and Carolyn Sollis.
Kate Reid, Wendy Moonan, and Marshall Watson.
L. to r.: Marilyn Watson-Laverne and Travis Fyfe; Barbara Ostrom.
L. to r.: Stephanie Woodmansee; Christopher Maya and Carolyn Englefield.
Steven Stolman, with Mark and Diane Jacoby.
L. to r.: Anne Foxley; Allison Caccoma and David Sprouls.
L. to r.: Tickling the ivories in tartan; Jennifer Post.
Tasteful chocolate bar

Patricia Burmicky (Nutcracker); Jared Siskin /PMC for Museum of the City of New York

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