Sweepin’ in Springtime with the Social Set

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Children gathered at the annual Peter Cottontail Easter Egg Hunt at Doubles.

Wednesday, April 12, 2022. Finally, after an early morning shower and grey skies, and temps in the high 40s, about noontime the Sun finally came out, cleared the skies from grey to blue, and raised the temps up to 71!

I had been sitting at my desk around noontime, and someone sent me a quick note to “look out the window.” And so I turned around to face the windows: bright Sun pouring in!

A lot of us New Yorkers have been grumbling about the slowness of the Springtime sweeping in with the leaves and the flowers; and there was our mistress announcing her arrival!

Around the same hour, the news came over that there had been a mass shooting in a subway car in Brooklyn, wounding 13 people. We’ve arrived at a time when shootings are occurring almost daily with all kinds of perps and all kinds of victims. It is as creepy and scary as you might imagine. Yesterday’s was even more gruesome when it was announced in the afternoon that the police had found a rental truck from Philadelphia that contained a “credit card” of someone who is believed to be someone associated with the subway attack.

They came from Philadelphia to do this? So they’re not just angry (and criminal) New Yorkers but out-of-towners motivated to commit their hideous crime against people trying to get to their work. Just for the helluv-it?

The question begs: why??!! Another mystery threatening every New Yorker.

However, let’s put it all aside for a moment to check out some good news of New Yorkers making the best of it for their charities and especially for their children. For example, in anticipating the upcoming holidays this weekend (Easter on Sunday, and Passover which starts at sundown on Friday), it’s time for Easter Eggs and The Hunt.

So, last Thursday, down at Doubles, the private club in the Sherry-Netherland, its director Wendy Carduner staged the club’s annual PETER COTTONTAIL EASTER EGG HUNT. And the five- to eight-year-old children and parents/members came hopping down the DOUBLES Bunny Trail.

They were welcomed wide-eyed, by Peter Cottontail himself with a basket of colorful Bunny Ears. That was just the beginning. Everyone was entertained by the DJ, the MC, the dancers, balloon artists, and their favorite dinner of Chicken McDoubles and Grilled Cheese Triangles.

The Easter Baskets were distributed and then Wendy announced the much anticipated EASTER EGG HUNT. A good time was had by all including: Lauren Muzinich, Lauren Gilbane, Katherine Rowley, Francesca Bodini, Lauren Gutfreund, Katherine Boulud, Sarah Wetenhall, Krista Corl, Ainsley Earnhart, Tatiana Perkin, Kate Earls, Virginia Tomenson, Kay Nordeman, and many, many more.

L. to r.: Karl Rozak and Wendy Carduner; Francesca Bodini.
Andrea Dale, Lauren Muzinich, Mary Elizabeth Catala, and Lauren Gilbane.
L. to r.: Amanda Goldworm and Erica Armstrong; Krista Corl, Ainsley Earhardt, and Robin Wood Sailer.
Christina Panos, Heather Mcauliffe, Kat Dines, and Molly McNairy.
Talene Boroyan, Chrissy Denihan, Chany Churchill, Caroline Bouckaert, and Cherie Alcoff.
L. to r.: Kay Nordeman; Katherine Boulud and Sarah Wetenhall.
Brent Winston and Virginia Tomenson.
Melanie McLennan and Stephanie Stamas.
Lauren Gutfreund.
Caroline Meade.
Alison Weaver, Rudolph Stingel, and Alison Manning.

Also last Thursday, The Frick Collection hosted its annual Director’s Circle Dinner, held for the first time at the museum’s temporary home, Frick Madison. The evening’s program included a presentation by Ian Wardropper, the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Director, on Francesco da Sangallo’s St. John Baptizing (ca. 1534–38).

The work, on view on the museum’s third floor, is the artist’s only signed bronze and the only statuette at the Frick in that medium that was made to decorate a church.

Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Director Ian Wardropper, presenting on Francesco da Sangallo’s St. John Baptizing.
Guests in the British Portraiture Gallery on the Fourth Floor of Frick Madison.

Originally designed to crown a marble font in Santa Maria delle Carceri in Prato (near Florence), the figure is displayed in a manner not attempted in the residential setting of the Frick mansion: atop a replica of the font on which it stood until the 1890s. The creation of this base by Factum Arte, made possible by a generous gift from Fabrizio Moretti, enables visitors at Frick Madison to imagine the object’s original context.

Stanley and Elizabeth Scott.
Marion Bott, Trustee Emily T. Frick, and Richard Bott.
Trustee Jane Moss and Frick General Council Alison Lonshein.
Jean-Marie Eveillard and Board of Trustees Chairman Betty Eveillard.
Lauren E. Shortt, Head of Individual Giving Rowan Moody, and Rhonda Bitterman.
Associate Director of Development Angie Calderwood, Trustee Sharese Bullock-Bailey, and Head of Marketing Alexis Light.
Janie Woo Scher, Stephen Scher, and Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Director Ian Wardropper.
Janine Luke, President Emerita Helen Clay Chace, Graeme Hardie, and Chief Librarian Stephen Bury.
Monika McLennan and Carolyn Fletcher.

Also this past Thursday, The New York chapter of the French Heritage Society hosted its 5th Annual French Heritage Society Book Award Ceremony, celebrating the winning author of the Fifth Annual French Heritage Society Book Award, Agnès Poirier, for her evocative Notre-Dame: The Soul of France on Thursday, April 7, 2022, at the headquarters of Villa Albertine in NYC.

The program featured a pre-reception, book signing, and discussion with Ms. Poirier moderated by Laura Auricchio, Dean of Fordham College at Lincoln Center. This included an elegant cocktail reception for all attendees. Judith Roze, Deputy Cultural Counselor of France in the United States, and Elizabeth Stribling, Chairman of FHS and Award Co-Chair, made the welcoming remarks ahead of the discussion. Christian Draz, FHS Board Member and Award Co-Chair, presented Ms. Poirier with the Jefferson Cup and $5,000 prize.

Laura Auricchio, Agnes Catherine Poirier, and Judith Roze.

The event was made possible by Co-Chairs Elizabeth Stribling and Christian Draz; the FHS Book Award Steering Committee, Yann Coatanlem, Janet Desforges, Patricia Forelle, and Clydette de Groot; and the New York Chapter Co-Chairmen, Guy Robinson and Odile de Schiétère-Longchampt.

A jury comprising Cheryl Hurley, Anne Poulet, and Bruno Racine chose Notre-Dame: The Soul of France unanimously from a shortlist of five titles that illuminate elements of French cultural or historical patrimony.

Laura Auricchio, Elizabeth Stribling, and Agnes Catherine Poirier.

Among the guests: Rene-Pierre Azria, Rosalie Brinton, James Colias, Patricia Cossutta, Denise Decker, Barbara Evans Butler, Jonathan Foster, Michéle Gerber-Klein, Celso Gonzalez-Falla, April Gow, Jennifer Herlein, Brenda Johnson, Helen King, Wolfram Koope, Jesse Kornbluth, Judy McLaren, Michael Massing, Laura Microulis, Tara Milne, Robert and Marie-Claude Myers, John Oden, Egle Rincon, Roberta and Arthur Sandeman Houghton, Kenneth Scheff, Jack Soultanian, Stephanie Stokes, and Marianne Wyman.

French Heritage Society is an American nonprofit organization with ten chapters in the U.S. and one in France. Its central mission is to ensure that the treasures of our shared French architectural and cultural heritage survive to inspire future generations.

Now celebrating its 40th Anniversary, FHS has given nearly 650 restoration and cultural grants to properties throughout France and in the U.S. It has also selected and supported more than 500 students from prestigious universities who have crossed the Atlantic for internships at esteemed institutions.

L. to r.: John Oden and Rosalie Brinton; Barbara Evans Butler and Kenneth Scheff.
Wolfram Koope, Elizabeth Stribling, Celso Gonzalez-Falla, and Jennifer Herlein.
L. to r.: Agnes Catherine Poirier and Christian Draz; Marianne Wyman and Elizabeth Stribling.
Michele Gerber Klein, Helen King, Puli Rincon, and Patricia Cossutta.
L. to r.: Robert Myers and Marie Claude Myer; Michael Massing and Michelle Young.
Barbara Evans Butler, Elizabeth Stribling, and Odile De Schiétère-Longchampt.
L. to r.: Rene-Pierre Azria and Tara Milne; Ambassador Brenda Johnson and Rene-Pierre Azria.
Jesse Kornbluth.
April Gow and Arthur Houghton.

Ann Copeland and David Beer.

More books down in Palm Beach. The orchid-filled, walled garden on Chilean was the setting of Polly Reed’s book signing party for David Beer, the New York architect, for his latest book, Pieces of the Past.

About this book, famed publisher and author Michael Korda writes, “A life well-lived is, or ought to be, the ultimate ambition, and David Beer’s book celebrates just such a life elegantly, fondly, and with the sure touch of a master raconteur.”

Celebrating its publication were lifelong Palm Beach residents Phipps-related Flo Chase and Beatrice Guthrie, Pulitzer related Cookie Donaldson, former Morgan Library Director Charles Pierce, and Barbara; Metropolitan Opera star mezzo-soprano Brenda Boozer;  Chris and Grace Meigher, Swifty’s restaurateur Robert Caravaggi, seminar-giving Dale Coudert, interior designing Jennifer Garrigues, Ann Copeland, Chris and Gay Lehman, Jackie Weld Drake and Billy Beadleston. Alas, Daisy Soros’ driver got lost on the way to pick her up! She was sorely missed. Next time make sure he has clearer/better directions Daisy!!

David Beer and Polly Reed.
Bill Beadleston, Jackie Weld Drake, and Polly Reed.
Mark Flynn, Marion Straton, and Robert Shelton.
Robin Baker Leacock, with Grace and Chris Meigher.
Robert Caravaggi and Jennifer Garrigues.
Ruth Cogan, Flo Chase, Jennifer Garrigues, and Polly Reed.
Dale Coudert, Jennifer Garrigues, and Brenda Boozer.
Barbara and Charles Pierce.
Sandy Smith and Cookie Donaldson.
Meg Bowen and Sandy Smith.

Photos by Jill Nelson/AnnieWatt.com (Peter Cottontail; David Beer); Christine A. Butler (Frick); AnnieWatt.com (FHS).

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