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Thursday, May 6, 2021. Cooler weather in the low 60s with rain and some chilly wind, off and on all day, with Sun coming out very briefly in the late afternoon.

I went down to Michael’s for my usual Wednesday lunch. At this time, I’m going to watch the daily traffic picking up at my favorite lunchtime restaurant. And indeed, it is starting thusly, with the regulars. Michael McCarty himself, along with his artist wife Kim McCarty who was lunching with an old friend Nicolette Donen, a longtime resident of Malibu who has recently moved to the Big Town where she is involved as executive producer of “Grand Army,” a Netflix streaming TV series.

It was great just being there once again and watching the daily lunch crowd expanding along with the conversation level increasing. Among those lunching were Alan Patricof with Michael Perlis; Euan Rellie with friend; Dr. Gerry Imber with Monica Crowley; columnist Roger Friedman; with PR exec Norah Lawlor; Michael Kempner, PR exec Lisa Linden with James Panero, Executive Editor The New Criterion. I was lunching with Leslie Stevens whom I haven’t seen in more than a year, and who spent a good amount of that time in a house she rented in Southampton.

DPC and Leslie Stevens at table at Michael’s … again!
Later that afternoon … The best customer at the flower shop on the corner of Madison Avenue and 92nd Street caught on camera by another cool customer, Ellen Easton.
Later that night … As often happens at Sette Mezzo, our guests Barbara Hodes and Michael Gross also had the pleasure of being seated next to the table of two old friends they hadn’t seen in quite a while because of the pandemic — Angela Mariani and Pilar Crespi Robert. An added pleasure for all (and photographed by JH).

Tennis, anyone? A week ago yesterday,Wednesday, April 28th, the Women’s Committee and Playground Partners of the Central Park Conservancy hosted their first-ever “Play for the Park” round-robin tennis tournament. The spring benefit raised $155,000 to support the daily upkeep and ongoing care of Central Park’s 21 playgrounds, which provide the children of New York and their families safe and accessible areas to play. 

Participants, outfitted in head-to-toe tennis gear from the event’s sponsor, Tory Sport, entered the courts at Central Park’s Tennis Center through a fresh flower arch created by Lewis Miller Design. Following a morning breakfast and meet-and-greet with tennis professional and broadcaster, and former captain of the United States Davis Cup team, Patrick McEnroe (and Johnny Mac’s younger brother), players were welcomed by Yesim Philip, Women’s Committee President, and Tournament Director Georgy Chukhleb.

Shirin Christoffersen, Jenny Price, Heather McAuliffe, Yesim Philip, Kat Dines, Amy Tarr, Jackie Keber, Katherine Birch, and Kristen Durkin.

Ms. Philip told the guests: “We are so excited to introduce the Play for the Park fundraiser to the calendar of Women’s Committee events. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to see friends safely play tennis, and enjoy the beauty of Central Park, all while raising vital funds to support the work of the Central Park Conservancy.” 

Event co-chairs Katherine Birch, Shirin Christoffersen, Kat Dines, Kristen Durkin, Jackie Keber, Heather McAuliffe, Yesim Philip, Jenny Price, and Amy Tarr were joined by more than 90 players of all levels who participated in the matches in two sessions.  

Players included Virginia Apple, Allison Aston, Leslie Brille, Kate Davis, Lise Evans, Emma Frelinghuysen, Tracey Huff, Blair Husain, Liz McCreery, Liz Peek, and Renee Rockefeller. Betsy Smith, President and CEO of the Central Park Conservancy, stopped by to cheer on the players.

Patrick McEnroe coaching.
Leslie Brille serving it up.
Ready position!
L. to r.: MaryKate Boylan; Renee Rockefeller and Allison Aston.
Katie Peek and Liz Peek.
Betsy Smith, Patrick McEnroe, and Yesim Philip.

The mission of the Central Park Conservancy is to preserve and celebrate Central Park as a sanctuary from the pace and pressures of city life, enhancing the enjoyment and wellbeing of all. The Conservancy’s staff now numbering more than 300 is responsible for all aspects of the Park’s stewardship, from day-to-day maintenance and operations to continued restoration and rebuilding projects. 

The Women’s Committee is a community of Central Park philanthropists with the objective of preserving and enhancing Central Park. With its membership of more than 1,000, the  Committee provides invaluable support as well as raising the critical funds for the general operations of the Park. Since its inception in 1983, the Women’s Committee has raised more $195 million, enabling anyone to make a personal investment in the Park.

Amy Tarr, Susan Millstein, and Jenny Price.
Tracey Huff, Blair Husain, and Leslie Brille.
Deb Dowling, Erin Friedland, and Emma Frelinghuysen.

The mission of Playground Partners is to maintain the quality and cleanliness of Central Park’s 21 playgrounds. Funds raised go directly toward the preservation, care, and daily inspection of these play spaces. For more information on Playground Partners, visit

Jackie Keber, Amy Tarr, Kristen Durkin, Katherine Birch, and Heather McAuliffe.
Jenny Price, Shirin Christoffersen, Yesim Philip, and Kat Dines.
Kate Davis, Reena Russell Nasr, and Heather McAuliffe.
Beth Kojima, Lise Evans, and Melissa Randall.

Meanwhile today, May 6th — for all you jewelry designers and aficionados — at the foot of the Park on Columbus Circle, at the Museum of Arts and Design, at 5 p.m. ET, MAD’s Jewelry Curator Bryna Pomp will meet jeweler Wilfredo Rosado.

Wilfredo Rosado. Photo: Mariano Vivanco

Wilfredo will talk about his early career, working with Andy Warhol and Giorgio Armani and the evolution of his jewelry brand, including his most recent creation for Kamala Harris at the 2021 Inauguration. A special collection of his work will be available for purchase following the program, with a percentage of sales to benefit the Museum.

Proceeds from MAD About Jewelry will benefit participating artists and support the museum’s educational programs. All purchases will be shipped directly from the artists.

Spread the word to fellow jewelry lovers and friends! All are welcome! And while you’re at it, why not follow them on Instagram @madmuseumjewelry.

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