The 46th year of Christmas Luncheon Celebrations at the Doubles Club

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Kate Davis and friends.

2022 marked the 46th year of the Doubles Club Christmas Luncheon Celebration at the club’s home in The Sherry-Netherland on Fifth Avenue. Beginning on Wednesday, November 30th running through Friday, December 9th, Wendy Carduner, Doubles’ Chairman, welcomed literally thousands of members and their friends over the ten day period.

The descent into Doubles.

The number astounds, but Doubles’ Chef Steve Mellina and his amazing staff prepare a different luncheon every day. Aside from the club’s natural welcoming comforts, the chef’s creations are the ultimate allure: delicious, sumptuous and YUM!

Doubles holiday decor and the incredible dessert buffet…

The week’s favorites included the Glazed Salmon with Basmati Quinoa, the Chicken Francaise and the Costa Rican Bass with Sautéed Artichoke.  Then of course center stage automatically became the glorious, I-couldn’t-help-myself 15’ dessert buffet set for temptation on the Doubles dance floor in the main dining room.

Wendy Carduner, Nancy Sipp, and Elizabeth Meyer.

Did everyone have fun? What do you think? Yum again! Among those enjoying the festivities were Debbie Bancroft, Geoffrey Bradfield, Robyn Joseph, Kate Davis, Marie Nugent Head, Holly Hunt,  Deborah Norville, Jill Roosevelt, Neda Navab, Vanessa Noel, Mona Aboelnaga Kanan, Tommy Tune, Fran Weisler, Joanie Schnitzer, Karen LeFrak, Sharon Bush, Christine Schwarzman, Muffie Murray, Angela Clofine, Noel Momsen, Paige Rustum, Allison Aston, Leslie Heaney, Nicole Pickett, Sharon Bush, Michael Lorber, Dennis Basso and hundreds more.

Judy Ney, Noel Nikpour, and Joan Schnitzer.
Samuel Ashner, Jeffrey Goldmunz, and Michael Lorber.
Muffie Murray, Maureen Lee, Sally McGuire, Allison Howard, Georgia Shly, and Haviland Whitcomb.
Karen LeFrak and Sharon Loeb.
L. to r.: Ada de Maurier and Kasia McCormick; Angela Clofine, Noell Momsen, and Paige Rustum.
Melanie Fowler, Lara Meiland-Shaw, Allison Aston, and friends.
Nicole Hanley Pickett and friends.
Erica Silverman, Schuyler McBrien, and Valerie Aston with friends.
Eugenie Niven and friends.
L. to r.: Debbie Bancroft and Geoffrey Bradfield; Lizzie Boswell.
Marisa Rose and friends.
Olga Votis and friends.
Austen Cruz and friends.
Glorie Lee, Meghan Reitzas, Jennifer Rich, Susie Anderson, and Jill O’Leary.
Robin Joseph and friends.
Bonnie Comley and Stewart Lane.
Jennifer Dance and friends.
Christine Miller Martin and friends.
Alison Weiskopf and friends.
Holly Hunt and friends.
Cecilaia Crowhurst and Sophia Sutton.
Colleen Brill Edwards, Susanna Rose, Jennifer Carson, and Caroline Traut.
Patty Donahue, Christina Chandra, Camilla Selari, Wendy Walsh, and Judith Molony.
Annie Pell, Melissa Crandall, Annie Taube, Jessica Sailer-VanLith, and Sevda Kleinman.
Anna Casperson, Jill Roosevelt, Elizabeth Miller, and Neda Navab.
Jennifer Sanford, Deborah Norville, and Diane Hutchins.
Nitzia Logothtis, Andrea Dale, and friends.
Mimi Hah, Tracy Shopkorn, and Maylan Pierce.
Ann Hunter Van Kirk and friends.
Vanessa Noel and friends.
Mona Aboelnaga Kanaan and friends.
Hana Bitton and friends.
Any Pama Poole, Jenny Galluzzo, Jill Steinberg, and Jennifer Wallace.
Tommy Tune and Fran Weisler.

Photographs by Jill Nelson and John Sanderson/

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