The annual Christmas Luncheons at Doubles have begun!

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Sarah Wetenhall's table.

Christmas comes but once a year ... but at the Doubles Club it is celebrated non-stop for the entire month of December!  Wendy Carduner has already welcomed 2,000 members and guests to enjoy their 8 Days of CHRISTMAS LUNCHEONS.  The Magical Decorations and individually wrapped icing cookies on each the table, inspired everyone to smile, laugh and share all the joys of Christmas including: Joan Schnitzer, Elaine Langone, Hilary Ross, Lauren Veronis, Sharon Bush, Kate Davis, Tatiana Perkin, Jamee Gregory, Holly Hunt, Blakey Griggs, Neda Navab, Elizabeth Meyer, Sarah Wetenhall and hundreds more.

Mariana Olszewski, Georgina Clemente, Erin O’Callaghan, Stephanie Hessler, Laurencie Kaufmann, Nancy Coles, Anna Yaeger, and Taylor McKenzie.
Leigh Bishop Taub, Noel Momsen, Lisa Baquero, and Lucinda Bhavsar.
Susan and Hadley Nagel’s table.
Elisabeth Munder, Amy Butte, and Fiona Simmonds.
Ursula Lowerre, Tina Beriro, CeCe Black, Liz Rose, and Elizabeth Stribling.
Isabel Turban, Renee Domingo, Victoria Dayenoff, Soledad Torretta, Veronica Alvarez, Claudia Rohm, and Mariela Torres.
Elizabeth Miller, Paige Rustum, and Erin Hawthornethwait.
Dawson Aquavella’s Table.
Ingrid Edelman, Jacqueline Dorance, Elizabeth Moran, Simone Mailman, Olga Votis, Dana Creel, and Ami Javari.
Tana Dye’s table.
Elisabeth Munder and Ashley Carlson.
Gigi Stone Woods table.
Kara Ross, Helmut Koller, and Sarah Wetenhall.
Ambassador Brenda Johnson, Tory Brucato, Liz Newman, and Ambassador Mary Dawkins.
The Zimmer’s table.
Kristen Williams, Kate Clark, Betsy Sharma, Lee Hrazdira, Sarah Stein, and Holly Hunt.
Andrea Donahue, Constance Hunter, Holly Hunt, and Blakey Griggs.
Elaine Langone, Joan Schnitzer, Martha Kramer Fox, Jamie Gregory, and Judy Ney.
Debbie Bancroft, Mark Gilbertson, Helena Lehene, and Geoffrey Bradfield.
Bonnie Pfeifer Evans and Diana Quasha.
Jen Rowe, Holli Cutting, Helen Fitzgerald, Shari Miller, Kate Davis, Louise White, and Blair Clark.
Lisa Bytner, Melinda Hackett, Edith McBean, Heidi Holterbosch, and Cricket Burns.
Kathy Lorenz, Lucinda Bhavsar, Lisa Baquero, Nedda Navab, Katrina Robinson, Amy Cameron, and Claire Groome.
Betsy Sharma, Tatiana Perkin, and Sarah Stein.
Lauren Veronis, Elaine Langone, and Hilary Geary Ross.
Virginia Tomenson’s table.
Barbara Tober, Stephanie Stokes, Kara Ross, Cameron Silver, Helmut Koller, Vanessa Noel, Marc Rosen, and Anne Keating.
Vanessa Noel and Marc Rosen.
Holli Cutting and Shari Miller.

Photographs by David Dupuy/

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