The annual Meridian Ball in D.C., Nationals pride, and Halloween spirit in Georgetown

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Meridian Ball guests taking in the World Series.

When your 850 guests may be a little distracted by say — a World Series game — don’t let them leave the party for the ballpark, but bring the ballpark to them.

That’s how the folks at the annual Meridian Ball successfully competed against the Washington Nationals fever sweeping the nation — with the hometown team clinching their first Word Series title just two nights ago on October 30th.

But the show and the parties must go on. Meridian, a black tie calendar favorite, hit another grand slam with White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, Senator Joe Manchin, and former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. But a few extra party favors this time: television screens around which guests could huddle and catch the latest plays.

Founded in 1960, Meridian International Center is a leader in bipartisan diplomacy building through a variety of initiatives.

Their ball has become a Washington institution because of its uniqueness: guests are assigned an ambassadorial residence for an intimate dinner party (remember those? ) and then converge at the Meridian House for desserts and dancing.

Janna and Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House.
Stuart Holliday, president of Meridian International Center, and Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia.
Guests on the edge of their seats as the Nationals “finish the fight” for the World Series title.
A guest sneaks some desserts while mimes look on.

I started at the home of Oman Ambassador Hunaina Al-Mughairy, one of the few female diplomats here, but one of the most beloved.

Max Miller and Stephanie Grisham, White House Press Secretary.

Her husband joked that the best thing about being married to her is that “when we go out to dinner, she always pays,” referring to the frequency of their official entertaining — which they do beautifully, I can assure you.

Over “in Japan,” Grisham and her boyfriend, Max Miller, the director of presidential advance at The White House, dined on sushi with Miller offering her a little help with those tricky chopsticks.

Meridian included 35 embassy dinners in this year’s event and raised $1.3 million.

Georgetown real estate agent and hostess Nancy Taylor Bubes hit a home run on October 27th with a small gathering at what’s become known as the “Halloween House.” Nancy’s elaborate decorations attract plenty of “spooktators,” not to mention some 1,500 trick or treaters — her limitless font of good candy helps.

This year she added some “natitude” by putting Nationals caps and jerseys on her skeletons and ghouls.

“Halloween House” of Nancy Taylor Bubes in Georgetown …

The rest of Georgetown is also brimming with Halloween spirit, Nationals pride, and a sumptuous display of fall foliage — it’s a wonderful time to be a Washingtonian.

Door decor in Georgetown runs from the autumnally elegant to the kooky and macabre …

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