The arrival of Autumn is in the air

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Last Monday night at New York City’s Lincoln Center, the New York Philharmonic celebrated its 178th season with an all-Beethoven program: his Piano Concerto No. 2 with superstar pianist Lang Lang as soloist and Symphony No. 5. The Fall Gala honored outgoing Philharmonic Chairman Oscar S. Schafer and his wife, Didi, for their remarkable commitment to the New York Philharmonic as the most generous donors in its history.

Guests arrived on the red carpet to attend a cocktail reception on the Grand Promenade of David Geffen Hall, where trays of champagne and hors d’oeuvres were passed. After the concert, Gala attendees enjoyed a seated dinner on the Promenade of the David H. Koch Theater, which was adorned with large floral arrangements of huckleberry, hydrangeas, and draped green amaranthus.

Lang Lang and Music Director Jaap van Zweden with the New York Philharmonic.
Music Director Jaap van Zweden and Lang Lang take a bow.

Philharmonic President and CEO Deborah Borda welcomed guests and toasted pianist Lang Lang, Music Director Jaap van Zweden, and the New York Philharmonic musicians, as did the 680 guests at the event, which raised $3.7 million for the beloved New York cultural institution.

Co-Chairmen Peter May and Oscar Tang presented outgoing Chairman Oscar Schafer and his wife, Didi, with an inscribed gift from Tiffany’s. Jaap van Zweden also presented a gift to Mr. Schafer — the baton he broke earlier in the evening while conducting Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

President and CEO Deborah Borda.
Music Director Jaap van Zweden and President and CEO Deborah Borda.
Oscar and Didi Schafer, Co-Chairman Peter May, President and CEO Deborah Borda, and Co-Chairman Oscar Tang.

Gala Co-Chairs included Judy and Russell Carson, Michele and Martin Cohen, Marijke and Lodewijk de Vink, Misook Doolittle, Sharon and Lawrence Hite, Ann and Charles Johnson, Leni and Peter May, Elizabeth and Frank Newman, Agnes Hsu-Tang and Oscar Tang. Daria L. and Eric J. Wallach served as the evening’s Underwriters.

L. to r.: Hilaria and Alec Baldwin; Frank and Elizabeth Newman.
L. to r.: Agnes Hsu-Tang and Oscar Tang; Didi Schafer and Marijke de Vink.
Richard and Karen LeFrak, with Peter May.
Mark Williams, Filippa Williams, Jeff Bewkes, and John Paulson.
L. to r.: Katherine Farley and Jerry Speyer; John and Jenny Paulson.
Principal Clarinet Anthony McGill, Lang Lang, and Music Director Jaap van Zweden.
L. to r.: Sana Sabbagh and Daisy Soros; Lang Lang and Maggie Ueng Tsai.
Leni May and Co-Chairman Peter May.
L. to r.: Paula Root and Larry Leeds; Oscar and Didi Schafer.
Joan and Joel Picket.
L. to r.: Charles and Ann Johnson; Elihu and Susan Rose.
Fiona Brainerd, Charles Brainerd, Amanda Brainerd, Robin Schafer, and Andrew Itkoff.
L. to r.: Co-Chairman Oscar Tang, President and CEO Deborah Borda, and Co-Chairman Peter May; Emanuel Ax and Music Director Jaap van Zweden.
Mark Grace, Steve Jensen, Didi Schafer, Mark Williams, and Filippa Williams.
L. to r.: Joshua Bell and Larisa Martinez; Judy and Russell Carson.
Didi Schafer, Zarin Mehta, President and CEO Deborah Borda, and Coralie Toevs.
L. to r.: Daria and Eric Wallach; Deniece Williams and Misook Doolittle.
Benner Ulrich, Samantha Ulrich, Christie Ulrich, and Adrian Ulrich.
Aaltje van Zweden and Klara Silverstein.
The philanthropists behind the New York Philharmonic’s Fall Gala.
Brett England and Fran Weissler.
Christina and Alan MacDonald.
Music Director Jaap van Zweden and Bradley Cooper.
Shelby White and Oscar Tang.
Hilaria and Alec Baldwin.
Bradley Cooper, Cashel Day-Lewis, and Larisa Martinez.
Gala guests pose for a selfie with Lang Lang.

The arrival of Autumn was in the air at the Doubles Club in the Sherry-Netherland where 200 attended the annual Fall Fete Associates Party, which is basically a reason for the members to relax and enjoy the sumptuous menu of fresh corn and avocado cobb salad and the chicken entree stuffed with goat cheese, fontina, spinach and ham with chanterelle risotto, visit with friends topped off with Doubles famous dessert table.

Among those partaking were Georgina Schaeffer, Marisa and Robin von Brockhorst, Michele Heary, Mary Darling, Lindsay and Russell Grant, Andrew and Kate Davis, Mark Gilbertson, Regis and John Worsoe, Suzie and Ainar Aijala, Mary Snow, Jennifer Creel, Karen Klopp, Meghan and Adam Klopp, Mary Van Pelt, Jack Lynch and many, many more.

Ann-Hunter van Kirk, Jay van Kirk, Lois van Kirk, and Matthew Zubrow.
Louis Rose, Robin von Brockhorst, and Brian Frank.
L. to r.: Meghan Klopp, Adam Klopp, and Karen Klopp; Lindsay Grant and Russell Grant.
Tammy Geiger, Georgina Schaeffer, and Marisa Rose Van Bikhorst.
L. to r.: Mary and Foster Darling; Andrew and Kate Davis.
Karen Morrow, Brinley Pitts, Krsitin Jordan, and Beck White.
L. to r.: Katie Tozer and Francisco Ballister; Charles and Kristen Krusen.
Vincenzo Matta, Michele Heary, and Daniel Morales.
Linda Garnett, Jack Lynch, and Mary Van Pelt.
Mary Snow and Jennifer Creel.
L. to r.: Alexandra Pappas and Fred Clark; Camerone Shay and Toral Odedra.
Robert Levy and Mike Clifford.
Janna Bullock and Kevin Richards.
Mateo Velasquez, Claire Currow, Carrie Cassidy, and Harrison Roach.
Regis Worsoe, John Worsoe, Suzie Aijala, and Ainar Aijala.

Photographs by Linsley Lindekens, Julie Skarratt, & Zach Mahone (NY Philharmonic); Annie Watt (Doubles).

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