The Associates Commitee of The Society of MSK Fall Party

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Austen Cruz, Casey Weiss, Danielle Rayman and friends at the Associates Committee of The Society of MSK's annual Fall Party.

Last Thursday evening at The Plaza Hotel – The Associates Committee of The Society of MSK hosted their annual Fall Party in support of the Pediatric Transplant and Cellular Therapy Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) by establishing a program dedicated to training the next generation of transplant and cellular therapy leaders. Educating junior clinicians is an integral part of the mission at MSK Kids, MSK’s Pediatric program, and funding for this initiative will provide stipends to support at MSK, which offers invaluable and hands-on experience in the research and clinical developments not available at most institutions.

The Fall Party raised over $600,000, including $122,600 for the Pediatric Transplant and Cellular Therapy Service at MSK.

The evening was sponsored by Prada and included a cocktail reception, dinner, and dancing with music led by DJ TWILO.

Marcella Hymowitz, Jean Altier Bohm, Dr. Andrew Harris, Austen Cruz, and Courtney Davis.

Guests included Austen Cruz (Chair, Associates Committee of the Society of MSK), Fall Party Chairs Abigail Barratta, Francesca Bodini, Jean Altier Bohm, Muffie Potter Aston (President, the Society of MSK), Andrew Harris, MD (Director, MSK Kids Pediatric Transplant and Cellular Therapies Fellowship), Lesley and Rob Vecsler, Lauren Bush Lauren and David Lauren, Annie and Chris Taube, Kendra Randle, Priya Shukla and Raphael Totoonchie, Elizabeth Kurpis, Erin and John O’Connor, Virginia and Walter Tomenson, Yasmin and Michael Bilger, Mercedes de Guardiola, Alexandra Lind Rose, Sevda and Blake Kleinman, Whitney Mogavero, Starrett Ringbom, Meghan Klopp, Betsy Pepe, Nathalie Pierrepont Danilovich, Rebecca Hessel Cohen, Jennifer Miller, Amory McAndrew, Dustee Jenkins, Chelsea Clinton, Marc Mezvinsky, Katie Lee, Lydia Fenet, Maia Torres, Kelly and Bill Fradin.

Francesca Bodini, Jean Altier Bohm, Austen Cruz, Marcella Hymowitz, and Courtney Davis.

The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering  Cancer Center — founded in 1946 to raise funds for patient care — is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the well-being of parents, supporting cancer research, and providing public education on the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer.

Society volunteers work in close collaboration with the physicians and staff of MSK to support the Center’s mission of delivering the best cancer care to its parents while at the same time, providing comfort and caring to our parents and their families who come to the Center for treatment from all over the world.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) is a world leader in patient care, research, and education. With expertise in over 400 cancer types and almost 2,000 clinical trials underway at a given time, MSK makes a massive difference in the lives of millions of people facing cancer around the world.

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L. to r.: Jean Altier Bohm, Austen Cruz, and Krista Corl; Meghan Klopp and Elizabeth Kurpis.
Jean Altier Bohm, Emily Candy, Bethany D’Meza, and Kerry Plum.
L. to r.: Melanie McLennan and Elizabeth Kurpis; Casey Jones and Jessica Falvo.
Fiona Simmonds, Sana Clegg, and Erin O’Connor.
L. to r.: Caitlin Brodie and Ken Fahrman; Betsy Pepe and Julie King.
Melissa Gottesman and Alice Berman.
L. to r.: Bethany D’Meza, Jean Altier Bohm, and Emily Candy; Kelly and Bill Fradin.
Jean Altier Bohm, Annie Taube, Virginia Tomenson, and Austen Cruz.
Sevda Kleinman, Valerie Aston, Jean Altier Bohm, and Leslie Brille.
Amory McAndrew and Virginia Tomenson.
Beau Bohm and Jean Altier Bohm with friends.
Karen Thornwell May and Muffie Potter Aston.
L. to r.:  Kyle Miller and Ashley Bernon-Miller; Starrett Ringbom and Alexandra Lind Rose.
Ali Kreiter, Brian Kreiter, Caitlin Brodie, Ken Fahrman, Chelsea Shukie, Chris Shukie, Erica Conk, and Sean Conk.
Joyce Kwok and Alex Leung.
Mercedes de Guardiola.
L. to r.: Kendra Randle and friend; Rob and Lesley Vecsler.
Annie Taube, Leslie Brille, and friends.
Jordana Blitz, Rebecca Hessel Cohen, Priya Shukla, and Annie Taube.
Gregg Hymowitz and friend.
DJ Twilo;
Federico Castro Debernardi and Alice Berman.
Lindsay Kraus and Jennifer Miller.
Raphael Totoonchie (center) and Todd Cohen (right).
Melanie McLennan and Dustee Jenkins.
Zoe Cruz and friend.
Laya Khadjavi and Arlene Cruz.
Christina Cho and Najwa Dakar.
Trisha Gregory, Meghan Klopp, Nathalie Pierrepont Danilovich, and Elizabeth Kurpis.
Yasmin Bilger and Alana Axelrod.
Ernesto Cruz and Maia Dizon Torres.
Mary and Jason Dillow.
Blake Kleinman and Annie Taube.
Blake and Sevda Kleinman.
Lydia Fenet.
Jennifer Miller and Marcella Hymowitz.
Rebecca Hessel Cohen, Marcella Hymowitz, and Priya Shukla.

Photographs by Zach Hilty, Courtesy of BFA

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