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Park Avenue Memorial Trees illuminating the Avenue. Photo: JH.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019. After a couple of cold,  rainy days, the rain moved on last night. The temperatures dropped below freezing (29 degrees) and it looks like we’ll get some temperatures taking us into the first day of Winter on Saturday.

Everything now on our beat is about the upcoming holiday. Meaning: parties, lunches, dinners and cocktails.

In the month of December Wendy Carduner welcomes thousands of members and guests to behold the sparkling Christmas decorations that adorn the walls and ceilings at Doubles – the private club on Fifth Avenue in the Sherry-Netherland. This year’s nine Christmas Luncheons (December 3rd through 13th) included the Christmas Dinner Dance on December 12th. 

Some of those enjoying Doubles’ famously delicious luncheons and its sumptuous Dessert Table included: Joanie Schnitzer — in town from Texas for the holiday warm-up; Hilary Geary Ross, Jamee Gregory, Sharon Bush, Charlotte Ford, Topsy Taylor, Deborah Norville, CeCe Black, Sharon Handler Loeb, Elaine Langone, Tommy Tune, Fran Weissler, Marisa Brown, Lisa Errico, Alison Aston, Rex Reed, Amy Hoadley, Marie Van Pelt, Kamie Lighburn, Kristen Krusen, Karen Klopp, Julie Macklowe, Eleanora Kennedy … and in the evening Bob Hardwick and his orchestra who filled the dance floor with guests including Geoffrey Bradfield, Brian Stewart, Stephanie Krieger, Tim McVey, Ursula Gwynne, Jane and Tom Lacey, Matthew Swifty and many many more.

Paul Rovita, Ben Plumer, Siri Appel, Emma Scanlon, Matthew Swift, and Frick Murray.
Tim McVay, Ursula Gwynne, and David Bush.
Madeleine Kowitz, Brian Stewart, Stephanie Krieger, and William Featherby.
Emelia Fisher, Alexa Fisher, and Beth Fisher.
L. to r.: Jane and Tom Lacy; Julie Macklowe and Eleanora Kennedy.
Carol Mehler, Jeffrey Cohen, Frederica Biggs, Larry Friedland, and Marilyn Friedland.
Barbara Tober, Ann Van Ness, Lynn Crystal, Mariel Laurie, Layla Diba, Elbrun Kimmelman, and Gigi Fisdell.
Cynthia O’Dell.
Rex Reed.
Ashley Jenkins, Aimsley Aerheart, Alison Aston, and Jordan Horsven.
Amy Hoadley and Stewart Manger.
Lisa Errico’s table.
Susannah Rose, Darin Eydenberg , Cherie Alcoff, Jennifer Evans, Talene Baroyan, and Ellen Offutt.
Olga Voltis table.
CeCe Black, Joan Schnitzer, Sharon Handler Loeb, Elaine Langone, and Karen LeFrak.
Vicki Mclaughlin, Kristin Anderson, Tommy Tune, Ronni Ganought, Peter Glebo, Mickey Ateyeh, Fran Weissler, and Susan Solomon.
Eileeen Powers, Pat Magliocco, Brenda Johnson, and Claire Chamine.
Rosemary Lieberman, Diana Feldman, Topsy Taylor, Joan Reins, and Charlotte Ford.
Ann Goodwin, Kristen Clark, Deborah Norville, Gigi Sheldon, and Anjali Melwani.
Mary Van Pelt, Wendy Carduner, Kamie Lightburn, and Kristen Krusen.

And then, last Friday, The New York Botanical Garden hosted its annual Winter Wonderland Ball for more 400 guests, raising more than $300,000 to support the Botanical Garden and its renowned children’s education and family programs. The evening was sponsored by Wempe Jewelers.

A favorite holiday tradition among New York’s young notables, this year’s attendees included the Gala Chairs Alessandra Ford Balazs, Georgina Bloomberg, Peter Brant Jr., Lili Buffett, Gillian Hearst, Kit Keenan, Larry Ross Milstein, Ariana Rockefeller and Timo Weiland. 

NYBG Winter Wonderland Ball.

Additional attendees included Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl, Brian Atwood and Dr. Jake Deutsch, fashion designer Wes Gordon, and partner, designer Paul Arnhold, Erica Pelosini, Garrett Magee and Mel Brasier, and Amory McAndrew.

The guests enjoyed cocktails in the 28th annual Holiday Train Show, featuring more than 175 of New York’s landmarks, with Central Park as a spotlight; and each re-created from natural materials. Following cocktails, guests enjoyed a black-tie dinner and dancing, with music by DJ May Kwok.

Wempe Jewelers, the evening’s generous sponsor, transformed the entrance to the train show with a life-size locomotive which served as the perfect photo backdrop for guests. A collection of exquisite high jewelry filled the windows of the train car.

Lili Buffett, Georgina Bloomberg, and Ariana Rockefeller.
Garrett Magee and Mel Brasier.
L. to r.: Amory McAndrew; Alessandra Ford Balazs.
Sarah Chilton and Pav Volkert.
L. to r.: Di Mondo; Erica Pelosini and Peter Brant Jr.
Rudy Albers and Gillian Hearst.
L. to r.: Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl; Peter Brant Jr.
L. to r.: Savannah Engel; Kit Keenan.
Wes Gordon and Paul Arnhold.
L. to r.: Jake Deutsch and Brian Atwood; Zack and Karly Thain.
Timo Weiland, Samantha Cohen, and Larry Milstein.
DJ May Kowk.
Zach Weiss.

Photographs by Annie Watt (Doubles); Madison Voelkel/ (NYBG)

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