The colorful and lyrical abstractions of Katherine Kim

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Evelyn Tompkins stands next to Katherine Kim's “Vail in March.”

From Long Island to upstate New York to coastal towns in New Jersey, pop up art galleries and exhibitions have been flourishing the past 18 months beyond the traditional cultural crucible of New York City’s art’s scene.

Tammy Murphy, Evelyn Tompkins, Tiff Metcalf, and Katherine Kim.

Recently, Evelyn Tompkins, Director of Ann Kendall Richards gallery in New York, and founder of “Art des femmes,” an online selling platform for women artists founded during Covid, exhibited the paintings of Katherine Kim at her beautiful artist studio in Holmdel, New Jersey feted by collectors from New York City, New Jersey, and Florida.

Born in Korea and educated in Japan, England and New York City where she studied painting and maintained a studio, Katherine is a protégé of the late renowned art world powerhouse William Lieberman who, following an illustrious curatorial career at MOMA, was the chairman of the Modern Art Department at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Katherine’s colorful and lyrical abstractions influenced by earlier New York women modernists such as Lee Krasner and Joan Mitchell were admired at the opening by the First Lady of New Jersey, Tammy Murphy, a dedicated supporter of women in the arts and other art lovers including: Andrea Dale and her mother Lourdes Gutierrez, Mark Gilbertson, John and Ramona Lambert, Anastasia and John Coleman, Tiff Metcalf, Zari Callahan, Fritz and Denise Thomas, Chris and Veronica Meagher,  Chris and Betsy Marx, Rita Boyle, Mark Boyhan and Holly Boylan.

Hampton Water’s Rose wine by New Jersey native Jon Bon Jovi’s son, Jesse Bongiovi, enlivened the gathering.

Lily Peabody, Mark Boyhan, and Tiff Metcalf.
Mark Gilbertson, Tammy Murphy, and Katherine Kim.
“Hydrangea II” by Katherine Kim.
Holly Boylan and Tiff Metcalf.
Anastasia and John Coleman.
“Cherry Blossoms” by Katherine Kim.
Denise and Fritz Thomas.
Chris and Veronica Meagher.
Hampton Water’s Rosé.
Betsy and Chris Marx, with Rita Boyle.
“Spring” by Katherine Kim.
Zari Callahan.
Ramona Lambert.
Andrea Dale and Lourdes Gutierrez.
Katherine Kim.

Photographs by Eric Wolfe/

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