The End of It All; the Life of Jeffrey Epstein

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Waxing gibbous moon. Friday night, 11 PM. Photo: JH.

Saturday, August 10, 2019. A sunny Saturday in New York with massive cumulous clouds. 

We woke up to the news that Jeffrey Epstein had committed suicide (or was suicided as one report wrote) in his jail cell early this morning.

It was first reported that this was known not because it was officially announced but because someone saw the police leaving the prison with a body that “looked like” Jeffrey Epstein on a stretcher. That was the first leak. The NY Post showed a photo of FDNY moving a body out of the room or hallway and his face was vaguely visible. Because there was an FDNY fireman standing next to the “stretcher,” it at first obscured the fact that on this particular stretcher was a body too short to be that of Epstein who was 6’1”. Later it was reported that he was taken to the hospital where he died.

The death of Jeffrey Epstein (and there are evidently a lot of people who don’t believe he’s dead) solves a lot of problems for a lot of people.  Who those people are is mainly only known to “those people” and the “people” they dealt with (or, more specifically, had sex with).

The only remaining witness that we the public know of would be Ghislaine Maxwell. But according to mainstream media no one knows where she is. That is probably not true but it doesn’t make any difference because we, the people, don’t know, and may never know. Again, it solves a lot of problems for a lot of people.

It has never been made specifically clear exactly what Epstein “did” for a living. We only know about the vile sex acts and the underage girls – mainly teenagers. Mr. Epstein possessed a great fortune, in the hundreds of millions and included multiple aircraft, cars, boats and real estate. And it was entirely “self-made.”

It was said that he was very good with numbers. His cache of possessions is a good lead in to confirm that. But did that all come from finding very young girls to have all kinds of sex with not-young men who were well-fixed financially, and often famous individuals? Those of us without interest, let alone experience, have really no idea what that world or life is like. Was that a business, an industry that could make one man filthy (if you’ll pardon the pun) rich?

Epstein’s social connections were not unusual for New York. His address book contained a lot of well known names, both rich and famous, as well as those who were well known to the rich and famous for their services or connections. “Hang out the ham and they’ll all come running,” a famous social dowager used to say.  I’m not referring to sexual activity but the business of living in New York. He had the mansion, and the chef, and the butlers, and the “name” friends that could attract almost anybody he might think of inviting to his table.

That can be four-star entertainment to a lot of us. Dinner tables such as his, in New York (as well as in Los Angeles), are ultimately business affairs.  I’m not talking about monkey business, but that too would probably lure certain individuals.

There is the well-referred to theory that Mr. Epstein was mainly into blackmail.

The subject of blackmail among the rich and famous (and political creatures) is a complicated one – something that most of us have no ken of or personal use for. Because at the end of all these “professional” equations is one thing: Money. The power that exists in our world, for all of us, is money. Mr. Epstein, whatever he was about, was about the money. And as it was written by the ancients, “…the love of money is the root of all evil.”

Yet all of the matter of Jeffrey Epstein is so amorphous and unclear that it could be that he was re-arrested and killed himself, or was suicided, to obliterate a looming darker story about him and a far more powerful individual. Or perhaps simply because he double-crossed the wrong client. Whatever the story, it is reasonably unlikely that we, the people, will ever know the answer to any questions about this man and his dirty end.

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