The entertainers and the entertained …

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The sumptuous dessert table at the “Be My Valentine“ buffet luncheon at at Doubles.

The Little People’s Valentine Dance and “Be My Valentine” Buffet Luncheon were fun, colorful and delicious Valentine Celebrations at Doubles, the Private Club in the Sherry-Netherland Hotel. Club Chairman Wendy Carduner entertained the children with face painters, balloon artists, disco dancing and pizza, hot dogs and grilled cheese squares.

L to R.: Stephanie Stamas and Katherine Stamas; Katherine Boulud
L to R.: Elizabeth Darst; Avery Broadbent
The entertainers …
The entertained …

At the “Be My Valentine” Luncheon a delicious buffet and sumptuous dessert table was enjoyed by 200 members and guests including: Claudia Overstrom, Page Rustum, Angela Clofine, Jenny Paulson, Muffie Potter Aston, Madeline Pulling, Katherine Birch, Vickie Foley, Jennifer Oken, Gillian Hearst, Nicole Pickett, Di Petroff, Lara Meiland Shaw and many, many more.

Page Rustum, Amanda Conte, Louisa Knapp, and Angela Clofine
L to R.: Claudia Overstrom and Page Rustum; Gillian Hearst, Wendy Carduner, and Nicole Pickett
Karen Larrain, Lara Meiland-Shaw, Jackie Keber, Tara Spiegel, and Gigi Grimstad
L to R.: Vickie Foley, Jennifer Oken, and Angela Clofine; Wendy Carduner and Di Petroff
Joyce Johnson, Jenny Paulson, and Madeline Pulling
Abby Baratta, Katherine Birch, Carey Mangriotis, Shirien Christoffersen, and Christina Sethi

Last Thursday, Carole Delouvrier hosted a Valentine’s Day luncheon for her best girlfriends at Maison Vivienne, the new East Side French restaurant. Mme. Deloiuvrier, who greatly resembles her famous mother film star Arlene Dahl wanted to celebrate one of everyone’s favorite holidays.

L to R.: The Maison Vivienne bar area decorated for Valentine’s Day; The dining room

Her guests were Carol Alt, Tracy Snyder, Stephanie Clark, Deborah Norville, Debbie Loeffler, Martha Webster, Amanda Taylor, Kristin Kennedy Clark, Marnie O’Neill, Debbie Bancroft, and Nicole Miller.

Debbie Loeffler, Carole Delouvrier, Kristin Kennedy Clark, Stephanie Clark, and Carol Alt
Stacy Snyder and Carole Delouvrier
L to R.: Amanda Taylor and Debbie Bancroft; Carol Alt and Stephanie Clark
Debbie Loeffler
Deborah Norville and Carole Delouvrier
Valentine’s Day toast

A week earlier, on February 7th at the Plaza Hotel, the National Audubon Society hosted its annual 2019 Audubon Gala to celebrate environmental conservation and the people who inspire a new generation of conservation leaders, raising a record-breaking $2.5M in charitable donations, which will fund conservation efforts across the country.

Hosted by notable actress and Audubon board member Lili Taylor, with performances by distinguished country music singer John Anderson, the gala honored two environmental stewards who have committed their lives to conservation – founder and CEO of Bass Pro Shops, Johnny Morris; and J. Drew Lanham, Ph.D., alumni distinguished professor of wildlife ecology, master teacher and certified wildlife biologist at Clemson University.

David Yarnold, Maggie Walker, John Paul Morris, Megan Morris, Jeanie Morris, Johnny Morris, Jennifer Snyder, Josh Braun, and Lili Taylor

The Audubon Medal was presented to Johnny Morris and family, who for decades has worked with Presidential administrations to advance significant conservation issues and most recently founded the Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium in Springfield, Missouri – the largest, most immersive conservation attraction in the world.

The Dan W. Lufkin Prize for Environmental Leadership honored Dr. J. Drew Lanham for his lifelong dedication to on-the-ground conservation. During his twenty years at Clemson, Dr. Lanham led groundbreaking research to understand the impacts of forest management on wildlife and explored the relationship between humans and nature, establishing himself as trailblazer inspiring a new and diverse generation of conservationists.

Notable guests included David Yarnold, Johnny Morris, Jane Alexander, John Anderson, Coleman Burke, Sasha DiGiulian, Joe Ellis, David B. Ford, Carlotta Kohl, Dan Lufkin, Grainger McKoy, Floride McKoy, Allison Rockefeller, Simon Roosevelt, Lili Taylor, and more.

Lili Taylor, David Yarnold, John Anderson, and Johnny Morris
L to R.: Sasha DiGiulian; Carlotta Kohl
Stephen Meyer, David O_Neill, Deeohn Ferris, and David Yarnold
L to R.: Adrienne and Dan Lufkin; David Ringer and Marshall Johnson
David Yarnold and Johnny Morris
Country music artist John Anderson

Photographs by John Sanderson/ (Audubon); Katrine Moite (Carole Delouvrier)

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