The Fund for Park Avenue celebrates tulips!

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Friends of The Fund for Park Avenue gathered at Scully & Scully to celebrate the bright orange Darwin Hybrid Ad Rem tulips that brightened the Avenue between 54th and 86th Streets.  The Tulip Party also draws attention to the work of The Fund for Park Avenue, a NYC non-profit organization that has been responsible for raising the money necessary to keep Park Avenue blooming since 1980.  Utilizing contributions from the community, The Fund is able to provide three seasonal plantings – spring tulips, summer begonias and fall chrysanthemums.

The evening featured tables designed by Cathy Graham (Second Bloom: Cathy Graham’s Art of the Table), Christopher Mason (TV Host, Author, Journalist, Songster with a #bizarreobsessionwithorange), Wendy Moonan (New York Splendor: The City’s Most Memorable Rooms), Eric Ross (Enduring Southern Homes) and Betsy Pinover Schiff (‘Tis the Season New York).

Later this month all are invited to dig up the tulip bulbs for planting in their own gardens. For more information about the Park Avenue Tulip Dig (including dates and digging instructions), please email:

To make a tax-deductible contribution, please visit

Michael Scully and Barbara McLaughlin.
Christopher Mason.
Betsy Pinover Schiff.
Cathy Graham.
Conrad Foa, Barbara McLaughlin, and Jonathan Tait.
William Brock and Patricia Burnham Brock.
Pat DeJohn and Steve Farrell.
Mark Gilbertson, Duane Hampton, Christopher Mason, and Ivana Lowell.
Zoe Stolbun and June Walden.
Clare McKeon, Mark Gilbertson, and Georgina Schaeffer.
Christopher Mason, Barbara Tober, and Donald Tober.
Mark Narsansky and Phillip Mitchell.
Barbara Tober and Christopher Mason.
Wendy Moonan.
Denise Darrow and Coco Kopelman.
Webb Egerton, Monique Merrill, Karen Tompkins, and Adeline Horner Neubert.
Kirk Henckels and Fernenda Kellogg.
Jeanne Lawrence, Karen Tompkins, and Amanda Haynes-Dale.
Kathleen Hale and LeMerle Brinkley.
Ellen Niven, Eric Ross, and Ruthann Ross.
Anne Ternes and Susan Relyea.
Monte Hackett, Mayme Hackett, and Monique Merrell.
Cook Brogan and Cathy Crane.
Diane Alfano and Carlo Lazzari.
Marcia Schaeffer and Fernanda Kellogg.
Antonia Paterno Castelo and Stephanie Stokes.
Thomas Hills and Kirk Henckels.
Dan Scheffey and Jay Jolly.
Anne Ternes, Jim Ternes, Barbara McLaughlin, and Kevin McLaughlin.
Philip Gorrivan, Lisa Rossi, Michael O’Neal, and Susan Burke-O’Neal.
Michel Witmer.
Thor Thors, Wendy Moonan, and Sharon Hoge.
Richard Freundlich and  Carey Brandfield-Harvey.
Randall Gianopulos, Kathy Prounis, and Othan Prounis.
Wendy Moonan and Jay Jolly.
Kirk Henckels, Gloria Fieldcamp, Karen Klopp, and Oliver Browne.
Catherine Carey and Eleni Gianopulous.

Photographs by David Dupuy/


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