The Fund for Park Avenue celebrates the Park Avenue tulips and Stephanie Stokes’ The World at Your Table

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Scully & Scully, Park Avenue’s purveyor of the finest home furnishings and gifts, was buzzing last Wednesday night when friends of The Fund for Park Avenue gathered to celebrate the Park Avenue tulips and the publication of photojournalist and decorator, Stephanie Stokes’ new book The World at Your Table: Inspiring Table Top Designs.

Barbara McLaughlin, Michael Scully, and Stephanie Stokes.

It was the first time in three years that the event (known as “The Tulip Party”) had been held and also the first time in The Fund’s 43-year history that purple tulips were planted.  It felt like “the old days” with Michael Scully at the door greeting guests as they arrived.  The store, a fixture on Park Avenue, will be expanding over the summer into the former bank space on the corner of 59th Street.

Stephanie’s book is a love letter to both entertaining and travel — two things that many of us have missed over the past few years.  She spoke recently to Scully & Scully about how travel inspires the creative mind, particularly in the world of tabletop. You can read the full blog post here.

The beautiful tables created for the event were designed by Stephanie herself, Indagare, Michael Diaz-Griffith, Philip Gorrivan, Starrett Ringbom and Rudy Saunders.

The Fund for Park Avenue, recently featured in the inaugural issue of Vicinity Magazine, is responsible for planting and maintaining the trees and flowers on the Park Avenue Malls between 54th & 86th Streets and relies solely on contributions from the community to do so.  This year The Fund’s Sculpture Committee along with NYC Parks’ Art in the Parks program, will be presenting exhibitions by Brazilian artist Raul Mauro, Greek artist Sophia Vari and American artist Willie Cole.

To make a contribution or find information about the 2023 Tulip Dig, visit

Mark Gilbertson, Lillian Heidenberg, and Jack Lynch.
Brenda Johnson, Michael Scully, and Carolyn Albert.
Dan Scheffey and Barbara McLaughlin.
L. to r.: Jan Whitman Ogden; Michael Diaz-Griffith, Julia Cotsarelis, and Meghan Buonocore.
Elizabeth Moyer.
L. to r.: Stephanie Hessler, Mariana Olszewski, and Michael Scully; Sophie Scott and Emily Eerdmans.
Susan O’Neal, Michael O’Neal, and Philip Gorrivan.
L. to r.: Starrett Ringbom, Hugo Ringom, and Eugenie Niven Goodman; Michael Diaz-Griffith.
Marjan Ostrowski, Nicole Beauchamp, and Victoria Scully Ostrowski.
L. to r.: Charles Holmes and Sharon Hoge; Gregory Harvey and Carey Brandfield-Harvey.
Anne Ternes, Austin Keyes, and Cathy Crane.
L. to r.: LeMerle Brinkley and Eric Bandiero; Bianca Lopez and Ryan Nessing.
Blair Clarke, Alistair Clarke, Annie Watt, and Madeline McLaughlin.
Georgina Schaeffer, Gloria Fieldcamp, and Marcia Schaeffer.
L. to r.: Amy Hoadley and Anki Leeds; Carol Lyden and Martha Glass.
Sharon Hoge, Cathy Crane, Lisa Rossi Gorrivan, Erick Pulkkinen, and Robin Kramer.
Olivier Manuel, Eliza Williams, Philippa Manuel, and Scott Francis.
Andrew Young, Stephanie Young, and Gloria Fieldcamp.
Seth Raphaeli, Lisa Rossi Gorrivan, and Chris Spitzmiller.
Martha Glass, Sean Hingston, Barbara McLaughlin, and Brad Hertado.
L. to r.: Chris Spitzmiller and Barbara McLaughlin; Gregory Harvey and Carey Brandfield Harvey.
Betsy Pinover Schiff.
Kevin Barba-Hill, Rowena Cameron-Mowad, Audrey Keller, and Josh Barba-Hill.
Stephanie Stokes signing a copy of The World at Your Table: Inspiring Table Top Designs for Sheikha Paula Al Sabah.
Stephanie with Judy Finneran.
Stephanie with Eleanora Kennedy, and Charles and Kitty Berry.
Stephanie with Jeanne Lawrence.
Stephanie with Sandy Gilbert.
Stephanie with William Rutledge.

Photos by John Sanderson/

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