The Hat Lunch, Day 2, Take 1

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Friday, May 21, 2021. Warm, sunny days here in New York right now, 70s and 80s and the trees and now the gardens are in full bloom.

It’s been perfect weather for the Women’s Committee of the Central Park Conservancy’s 39th annual luncheon(s) which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. It is a major fund raising affair for the Park and the Women’s Committee has raised more than $195 million over the years to assist in making the Park beautiful and a useful relief for city dwellers and visitors. It’s the city’s true haven for our spirits.

This year’s luncheon was not held under the big tent in the Conservatory Garden but instead was broken up into groups lunching over two days, this one being the second. I don’t know the final tally for their fund raising but I’m sure it will be impressive. The hats this year also had a different spirit, all tributes to the season, the sunshine and the location(s). Enjoy!

Jennifer Oken, Kathleen Kocatas, Yesim Philip, Alison Pappas, and Catherine Shepard.
Laurie Tisch, Linda Johnson, Florence von Erb, Jill Lafer, and Stacey Weber.
L. to r: Kalliope Karella and Christine Schwarzman; Susan Kissane and Kristen Durkin.
Suzy Welch, Lana Schupbach, Eva Elmore-Welch, and Miranda Martell.
L. to r.: Betsy Smith and Michael Bloomberg; Caterina H. Stewart and Beth Kojima.
Stella Um, Maggie Gold Seelig, Erica Gerson, Jenna Segal, and Sharon Teles.
L. to r.: Liza Weiner and Austen Cruz; Liz Peek and Katie Peek Tochilin.
Alexa Ryan, Stefanie Alfond, Nelle Miller, and Claire Lea-Howarth.
L. to r.: Jill Caruso, Darlene Yoseloff, and Nanar Yoseloff; Jenny Price.
Nancy Steinberg, Michele Cohen, Barbara Jacobs, and Mike Peissis.
Palmer O’Sullivan, Fern Moufarrige, Cynthia Wagner, Ankur Keswani, and Clarissa Post.
L. to r.: Alexa Scanlon, Talene Baroyan, and Caroline Bouckaert; Tom Kempner and Patti Harris.
Yesim Philip.
L. to r.: Norma Dana, the lady who founded the Women’s Committee, along with Chris Cerf’s mother and four other women; Sheila Labrecque.
Ann Billingsley and Arthur Zeckendorf.
Sharon Jacob.
L. to r.: Emilia Saint-Amand; Katrina Robinson.
Ann Van Ness and Odile De Schietere-Longchampt.
L. to r.: Jane Heller; Frances Schultz.
Thelma Golden, Amanda Riegel, and Goli Sheikholeslami.
Noreen Buckfire, Helen Little, Judy Trunsky, and Susan Latos.
Linda Filardi, Marisa McGaughey, and Jennifer Ezring.

Photographs by Joe Schildhorn/ & Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

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