The Hat Lunch, Take 2!

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There was a second “Hat Lunch” yesterday in Central Park, therefore accommodating the hundreds of supporters. JH was out there with his camera giving you a tour of the luncheons and their guests. As were Rob Rich as well as Joe Schildhorn from Billy Farrell agency. It was a bright moment for everyone — the beautiful park with excellent weather. And you didn’t have to know anyone to appreciate them as they are all committed to keeping up the Park, which is the most important landmark of all in New York City.

Betsy Smith and Yesim Philip.
L. to r.: Barbara Scott, Margo Ressa, Robin Bell Stevens, and Kathleen Tait; Sarah Britton.
Anna Kennedy, Eleanora Kennedy, Wendy Carduner, and Kara Ross.
L. to r.: Noel Momsen and Shannon Henderson; Fiona and Eric Rudin.
Alexandra Mishaan, Claude Wasserstein, and Marcia Mishaan.
L. to r.: Alexia Leuschen and Lauren Santo Domingo; Amie James.
Lise Evans and Yesim Philip.
L. to r.: Abbie Baratta and Katherine Birch; Susan Calhoun and Suzanne Cochran.
L. to r.: Di Mondo, Nicole Salmasi, and Eric Javits; Caroline Williamson and Dr. Pat Allen.
Anne Farrell, Sally Mess, and Mary Moran.
L. to r.: Nazee Moinian and Tali Farhadian Weinstein; Megan Brodsky.
Karen Klopp, Karen Karlsrud, Robyn Joseph, Janna Bullock, Liz McCreery, and Kitty Berry.
L. to r.: Michael Reinert and Sarah Wetenhall; Eleanor Abramova, Alexandra Mishaan, and Audrey Michaels.
Nazee Moinian, Betty Mossanen, Sima Ghadamian, Shahzad Moghaddam, Kate Khakshouri, Mahrokh Sakhai, and Somers Farkas.
L. to r.: Patti Fast and Marree Townsend; Elaine Langone and Anne Harrison.
Genie Egerton-Warburton.
Elyse Newhouse and Alexandra Lebenthal.
Polly Onet, Sara Ayres, Anjali Melwani, and Claudia Overstrom.
L. to r.: Lizzy Quick and Stephanie Stamas; Leslie Brille and Martha Sharp.
Muffie Potter Aston.
L. to r.: Crystal McCrary McGuire; Jennifer Carlston.
Polly Onet and Susan Magrino.
Jocelyn Gailliot, Anne Stringfield, Margo Nederlander, and Lizzie Rogers.
L. to r.: Muffy Miller; Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn.
L. to r.: Anki Leeds; Hilary Geary Ross.
Fiona Rudin wearing an improvised hat.
L. to r.: Karen Karlsrud; Blair Clarke.
Eric Javits and Gillian Miniter.
L. to r.: Anne Stringfield, Crystal McCrary McGuire, and Patty Smyth; Hilary Geary Ross, Audrey Gruss, and  Jamee Gregory.
Bri Hart, Susan Tejpaul, and Hilary Haroche.

Caroline Russo, Elizabeth Comen, Dee Dee Sides, Gillian Hearst, Laura Kornhauser, and Amanda Frank.
L. to r.: Gillian Hearst; Tatiana Perkin and Lara Meiland-Shaw.

Tatiana Perkin, Marisa Van Bokhorst, Jackie Keber, Cena Hackler Jackson, Jenny Green, Danielle Taubman, Lara Meiland-Shaw.

L. to r: Dori Cooperman; Bonnie Comley and Stewart Lane.

Heather McAuliffe, Marie-Noelle Pierce, Shirin Christoffersen, and Katherine Birch.
Marie-Noelle Pierce, Heather McAuliffe, Alexia Leuschen, Katherine Birch, Shirin Christoffersen, and Carey Mangriotis.

George Mickum.

Carole McDermott.

Katherine Birch and Heather McAuliffe.

Mary Wallach.

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