The nabe and its ghoulish residents on Hallowe’en

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Tuesday, October 31, 2023. Halloween. Or so you may have heard. The weather outside’s not so bad. In the upper 50s last night with an occasional raindrop on windshields. 

The following is a series of photographs of the “holiday” décor around the various neighborhoods that JH travels in. And they’re always great to look at and even wonder over. I’ve never given a thought to a Halloween decoration since I was eight years old and made an old bedsheet into a ghost (costume), but I must admit there are some real artists out there among us who enjoy their creative statements to the world (i.e., the neighborhood) on this “strange” holiday in this “strange” world of ours. 

Having been observing JH’s photos of this day over the years, this year’s has been notably much more creative as well as “of the moment” of these times of ours. Enjoy the trip; I’m in awe.

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