The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts’ Jerome Robbins Dance Division 75th Anniversary Gala

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Choreographers and performers from throughout the evening.

On Wednesday, December 4, 2019, The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts celebrated the Jerome Robbins Dance Division’s 75th anniversary with a unique gala that raised more than $723,000 in critical funds that will help the division document, collect, and preserve the history of dance and provide free services and programs for all.

More than 200 attendees moved through the Library for the Performing Arts in Lincoln Center viewing site-specific dances created specifically for the occasion by Ephrat Asherie, The Bang Group, Jean Butler, Adrian Danchig-Waring, Heidi Latsky, Michelle Manzanales, Rajika Puri, and Pam Tanowitz. Staged in the stacks, reading room tables, hallways, and stairways, these performances featured dancers including Chelsea Ainsworth, Chris Bloom, Jason Collins, Shelby Colona, Lindsey Jones, Jeffrey Kazin, Victor Lozano, Aishwarya Madhav, Georgina Pazcoguin, Nic Petry, Jaclyn Rea, Tommy Seibold, Amber Sloan, Gretchen Smith, Leslie Taub, Melissa Toogood, and Peter Trojic.

Aishwarya Madhav.
Chris Bloom.
Ephrat Asherie.

The performances concluded in the Library’s Bruno Walter Auditorium with a special performance of excerpts from Jerome Robbins’ Other Dances, featuring American Ballet Theatre Principal Dancer Sarah Lane and New York City Ballet Principal Dancer Gonzalo Garcia. Robbins originally created the work for a fundraiser to support the Library. 

The Jerome Robbins Dance Division 75th Anniversary Gala was chaired by Caroline Cronson & The Jerome Robbins Foundation. The Committee for the Jerome Robbins Dance Division includes Charles Adelman, Dr. Jeffrey Borer, Beverly D’Anne, Hubert Goldschmidt, Perry Granoff, Allen Greenberg, Caroline H. Hyman, Peter Kayafas, Nancy Lassalle, Kate Lear, Marion Martin, Alison Mazzola, Madeleine Nichols, Dr. Meryl Rosofsky, Elizabeth Simpson, Edward Villella, and William H. Wright II.

Gonzalo Garcia and Sarah Lane.
L. to r.: The Bang Group; Dancers in Pam Tanowitz’s Library Dance.
Leslie Taub.

The Jerome Robbins Dance Division is the world’s largest dance archive with an international and extensive collection that spans seven centuries. We provide a community space for dance professionals, researchers and the general public, offering programs and exhibitions, a dance studio for special projects, educational activities, residencies, fellowships, documentation of performances and oral histories and, of course, dance reference services, all free of charge.

Allegra Kent and Jacques D’Amboise.
Barbara Fleischman.
L. to r.: Chris Pennington, Ellen Sorrin, and Allen Greenberg; Mireille and Hubert Goldschmidt.
Caroline Cronson and Jacqueline Davis.
Ellen and Al Levine.
L. to r.: Jonathan Stafford and Theresa Ruth Howard; Kathy Brown, Mac Hyman, and Caroline Hyman.
Guy Mognaz, Beverly D’Anne, Edward Villella, and Linda Villella.
Kate Lear, Eduardo Vilaro, and Helene Alexopoulos.
L. to r.: Diana Byer, Valda Setterfield, and Jan Schmidt; Elizabeth Simpson and Therese Rosenblatt.
Ken Tabachnick, Yael Mandelstam, and Peter Kayafas.
Joseph Gordon, Steven Reidy, Dr. Meryl Rosofsky, Conrad Tao, Caleb Teicher, and Arlene Shuler.
L. to r.: Joanna Fisher and Maria-Cristina Anzola; Linda Murray and Charles Adelman.
Patricia Dugan Perlmuth, Kay Mazzo, and Carrie Henricks.
Perry Granoff, Shelby Colona, Christopher Bloom, and Dena Abergel.
Russell Ewig and Glenda White.
Rajika Puri and Satya Bhat.
L. to r.: Cassia and Silas Farley; Georgina Pazcoguin, Mark Mongold, and Arlene Yu.
Tony Marx and Billy Wright.
Nancy Lasalle and Tony Marx.
Caroline Cronson, Brian Fisher, and Katheryn Marshall.
Sylvia Mazzola, Stephen Petronio, and Alison Mazzola.

Photographs by Patrick McMullan

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