The night before the big event

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Wednesday, November 23, 2022. It’s here, the beginning of the end … of the year. It has always been a time of gladness somewhere in there. The famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is one of them.

Our coverage came years ago from Paige Peterson who lives right at that spot on Central Park West where the floats are first put together and lined up for the parade. It all begins the night before.

Paige and her great-niece, Brianna Geist, fenced in!

The preparation for the preparation began on Tuesday when for the first time they erected fences on both curbsides from West 86th and CPW down to 75th, so that no one other than the paraders and the people who commandeer the floats can be on the roadway along with a large number of police.

Paige begins her coverage the night before the night before (you read that right). She was out there on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, to photograph the site as well as the floats coming in for preparation. She’s done this every year for years although this year was the first time any member of the public were barred from the roadway. Because she’s a neighbor and perfectly civilized the cops finally made an exception for Paige who was escorted on her assignment by two cops.

Nevertheless the show must go on. After an all nighter yesterday, as well as hosting her annual pre-parade cocktail party, not to mention her four houseguests for the occasional holiday visits to New York, the show must go on …

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