The Order of St. John of Jerusalem’s Annual Charity Holiday Gala

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Susan Hockmeyer, Marykay McDonald, Susan Carpenter, Rosemary Gaborevelyn, Berryjoyce Frank, Teeri Walsh, and Carol Bastek

The Order of St. John of Jerusalem—one of the world’s oldest orders of chivalry—The Commandery of New York held its Annual Charity Holiday Gala at the Metropolitan Club, Friday November 30th. The Gala raised funds in honor of CUMAC, Northern New Jersey’s largest anti-hunger agencies whose stated mission is “Feeding People and “Changing Lives.”

OSJ Prior of the Americas, Dame Ann Van Ness remarked, “For years, CUMAC has attacked hunger. It benefits the Order’s mission to support CUMAC in any way that we can. I am proud that OSJ Knights and Dames have stepped up support of this extraordinarily worthy cause.”

This marks the second Gala in which OSJ honors CUMAC. In the past, the Order has raised funds to purchase a refrigeration truck and permanent indoor refrigeration for the agency in order to allow CUMAC to connect supermarkets, restaurants hotels and other sources to food pantries with fresh, nourishing meals. The Order maintains a close connection with its honorees and have organized events supporting many entities such as Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, America’s Vet Dogs, US Vets and Table to Table.

The evening was co-chaired by Dame Judith Gates, Dame Claire Burke, Chevalier James Doran, Dame Diana Frankel, Chevalier Fredrick Hoff. Gala Committee included Dames Barbara Gross, Evelyn Berry, Leah Conetta, Candace Gonzalez, Patricia Eltinge, Mary Elaine Morris, Melinda Bush, Deeanne Turek, Chevalier Douglas Ayres, William Van Ness, Patrick Hill, and H.E. Grand Hospitaller Dr. Vincent Bonagura.

Reverend Dean Wolfe

Sponsors and cooperate sponsors, Ayres Hotels, Melinda Bush, Evelyn Berry, Veronica Lane Books, James J. Doran, Dream Hotel, Greta Fisdell, Barbara Hemmerle Gollust, Bunny Grossinger, Barbara and David Gross, Linda and Peter Hoffman, Frederick Hoff, Diana and Frank Hughes, Investors Bank, Paul Labrecque, Judy McLaren, Ani Ramen, Paul Sui DDS, Barbara and Donald Tober, TD Bank, Top of the Rock, Van Ness Pet Products, Paul Vigue, Barbara Wolf, and Pamela Wright.

Among the evening’s festivities was a musical performance by Soprano Chelsea Bonagura and American operatic baritone Jorell Williams.

Austin Wright, Alexandra Grounds, Ryan Brumberg, Mackenzie Wright, Gregory Holmes, Pamela Wright Henry Sackler, Samantha Gannaway, and Brian Walton
Gigi Fisdell and Vicki McLaughlin
L to R.: Patrick Hill and Jaqueline Hill; Jerry and Susan Baker
Patricia Cossutta and Egle Rincon
Dame Barbara Kemper-Gross
Chelsea Bonagura, Jorell Williams, and Lizzie Bonagura
Dame Diana Frankel and Frank Hughes
Mary Elaine Morris and David Morris
Niva and Bob Donahue
L to R.: Christina Vigue and Alexander Leisenrin ; Pamala Wright and Mackenzie Wright
Michele Herbert, Lauren Day Roberts, Dame Ann Van Ness, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Sharon Bush, and Susan Baker
Dianna Clemmensem, Deborah McGrath, Chevalier James Doran, and Dorothy Doran with Sally
Sharon Bush and Bob Murray
Chevalier Frederick Hoff, Dame Melinda Bush, and George Sandbourne
Sharon Bush and Joan Jedell
Diane Jorgensen, Gretchen Evans, and Katherine Pritz
Ken Fishel, Bradley Fishel, and Maria Fishel
L to R.: Heidi and Allen Roberts; Dara T. Miller and Dame Ann Van Ness
Mayor Andre Sayegh, Mark Dinglasan, Michelle Dinglasan, Kim Rowland Rupp, and Steve Rupp
Dames Judith Gates, Niva Donohue, Ann Van Ness, Diana Frankel, Barbara Kemper-Gross, Evelyn Berry, Barbara Ostrom, and Joyce Frank
Andrea Hoff, Fredrick Hoff Jr., Susan Tuohy, Chevalier Frederick Hoff, Joanne Naylorde, and Wayne Naylor
JT Miller and Dara T. Miller
Gregory Holmes, Pamala Wright, Gilbert Holmes, and Evan Etter
L to R.: Caroline Sabloney, Blaine Stevens, and Alexandra Grounds; Katrina Novakova and Kathleen Donnelly
H.E. Grand Hospitaller Dr. Vincent Bonagura, Dame Ann Van Ness, and Chevalier William Van Ness
Reverend Alison V. Philips and Sajan Philips
Matt Rich and Baroness Gabriella von Langendorff
Elizabeth Stribling, Patricia Shiah, Guy Robinson, and Thomas Shiah
Odile Longchampt and Carole Bellidora Westfall
Chevalier William Van Ness, Bunny Grossinger, and Dame Ann Van Ness
Roman Skakuan, Dr.Gina Skakuan, and Dame Claire Burke
Stuart Becker, Janice Galli-Becker, Sergio Chiarotti, and Christina Rose
Adriel Gonzalez and Dame Candace Gonzalez
Michelle and Douglas Ayres
Honorable Congressman Charles Rangel and Alma Rangel
Roy and Barbara Ostrom
Live auction bidding
L to R.: Chrissy Sayer and Judy McLaren; Michele Herbert and Chevalier Douglas Ayres

Photographs by Annie Watt

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