The Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra visits New York for a series of private Salons.

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The American Friends of the Oxford Philharmonic welcomed Patrons and Members of the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra to New York. This was the third visit of the Orchestra to New York this year — most recently being their debut performance at Carnegie Hall in June.

Their annual Holiday visit also acted as a prelude to their Silver Jubilee European and Middle East upcoming tours this Spring.

Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra’s Carnegie Hall debut over the summer.

The First Salon evening was hosted at the Lotos Club by AFOPO Board Member Saundra Whitney and Mr. Marc Rosen with Marios Papadopoulos, Founder and Music Director of the Orchestra on the piano, Charlotte Scott on violin and Mats Lidström on cello performing Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio No. 1.

The following evening the Salon theme continued when Faanya Rose, AFOPO Board Member and President Emerita of The Explorers Club, welcomed her 70 guests to the Explorers Club for another spectacular performance of Mendelssohn ‘s Piano Trio No. 1, performed by Maestro Papadopoulos and the OPO Musicians. In addition, the evening also featured a film that looked retrospectively at the development of the Oxford Philharmonic (now one of the UK’s leading orchestras and Orchestra in Residence at the University of Oxford) as it looked forward to its Silver Jubilee in 2023.

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Anthi Papadopoulos and Froso Beys.
Barbara Gyde, Andrew Achsen, Justin Buschof, and Glauco Araujo.
Bradley Strauchen, Egnam Segbefia, Jamie Saakvitne, and Haemi Kwon.
Mindy Papp, Saundra Whitney, Nancy Silverman, and Jeanne Lawrence.
Christopher Wright and Bruce Baldinger.
Mona Arnold, Greg Arnold, and Elizabeth Kabler.
Haemi Kwon and Jamie Saakvitne.
Marios Papadopoulos, Charlotte Scott, and Mats Lidström.
Martha Stine, Bruce Baldinger, Barbara Straum, and Milton Straum.
Mindy Papp and Barbara Tober.
Camilla G Hellman, Morgan Zoia, and Adam Zoia.
Russell Hirshfield and Faanya Rose.
Susan Gutfreund (with Lucky) and Tina Beriro.
Kari Teidemann and Mona Arnold.
Tom and Currie Barron.
Russell Hirshfield, Mats Lidström, Anthi Papadopoulos, and Christopher Wright.
Aremani Neves, Nicole Goldin, and Benjamin Goldin.
Joshua Berman and Jennifer Coutts Clay.
Jamie and Paul Trahan, with Jonathan Miller.
Elaine Higby and Michael Capasso.
Bonnie Wyper and Jonathan Miller.
Paul and Jamie Trahan.
Joyce Heitler and Kathryn Alexander.
Katrina Vanderlip and Kari Tiedemann.
Brian Loughman and Layla Diba.
Nicole Goldin, Faanya Rose, and Benjamin Goldin.
Mai Harrison, Joshua Berman, Ruth Berman, and Jerome Lewine.
Marios Papadopoulos, Allison Russel, and Christopher Wright.
Marios Papadopoulos and Mai Harrison.
Amy and Michael Miller.
Sana Sabbagh and Mona Arnold.
Noma Blechman, Linda Saputelli, and Andri Carasca.
Katerina and Robert Shaw.
Russell Hirshfield and Jennifer Coutts Clay.

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