The Untermyer Gardens Conservancy’s Mughal Garden Party

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Untermyer Gardens is home to the finest Indo-Persian garden in the Western Hemisphere.

Late last month, The Untermyer Gardens Conservancy held its first-ever Mughal Garden Party at Untermyer Gardens in Yonkers, which is home to the finest Indo-Persian garden in the Western Hemisphere. Heena Pai and Aroon Shivdasani co-chaired the event, which was a joyous reunion of New York’s Indian-American and Indophile community. Garden tours were followed by a dance performance by the Parul Shah Company in the historic amphitheater and a reception in the newly restored Temple of the Sky, overlooking the Hudson River.

Built a century ago by Samuel Untermyer, a pioneering lawyer and reformer, and designed by famed architect William Welles Bosworth, Untermyer Gardens was once called the most spectacular garden in America. The Mughal Garden Party raised funds to support the Conservancy’s efforts to sustain Untermyer Gardens, which is open free to the public and welcomes more than 100,000 visitors a year.

Sunil and Sarita Dhuper, and Radha and Mahesh Vanjani.
Vikas, Aria, and Gunbir Sethi Gauba.
Dr. Renu Mital and Neeraj Mital.
Kamal and Larry Smith.
Anil and Natasha Bhandari.
L. to r.: Dr. Umesh Gidwani and Dr. Sonia Gidwani; Sumana Setty.
Seran Trehan and Shazia Rafi.
Neelima Nadella.
Thomas Lollar, with Anju and Deepak Narula.
Mona Sinha, Gloria Steinem, and Stephen Byrns.
Rachelle Filipek conducts a garden tour.
Linda Elkman, and Knight and Bert Meem.
Awaiting the performance in the amphitheater.
A pair of winged sphinxes sculpted by Paul Manship overlook the amphitheater.
L. to r.: The Parul Shah Dance Company performed; The mosaic floor of the amphitheater was based on a wall fresco found in the ancient city of Tiryns.
The dancers were accompanied by sitar and tabla.
The stage overlooks a reflecting pool.
Aquatic plants are visible behind the dancers.
The audience.
L. to r.: Kamila Chetty, Rakish Chetty; Gautam Patwa and Ravi Sinha
Deepak Narula, Meena Mansharamani, and Naveen Shahani.
L. to r.: Jennifer Kyff; Gloria Steinem.
Raj Shahani and Aroon Shivdasani.
L. to r.: Betsy Pinover Schiff and Chris Stromee; Miguel Ferreira and Fabiola Lwow.
Lolita Browne and Jayanthi Moorthy.
L. to r.: Barbara Barbera and Dr. Jude Barbera; Liz Holland.
David, Gaia, and Leo Kaplan.
L. to r.: Liz and Peter Van Duyne; Betsy Pinover Schiff and Naina Gidumal.
Seran and Anita Trehan.
Raj Shahani and Yakub Mathew.
Kamila Chetty and Rhonda Binda, Queens Deputy Borough President.
Barry Sehgal, Bunty, and Amit Sawhney.
Jin Lee, Pradeep and Shweta Raman, Gigi Ramnani, and Shalu Sahni.
Ravi Trehan, Anju and Deepak Narula, Seran Trehan, and Stephen Byrns.
Ariella Gastel, Nathalie Trojan, and Jin Won.
Robyn Meredith, Shafia Khan, Kelly Tagore, Parul Shah, Indur Shivdasani, Martha Kapoor, and Aroon Shivdasani.
A reception was centered in the Temple of the Sky.
In the garden.

Photos: Henry Cohen, John Jacono, Betsy Pinover Schiff

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