The Wedding of Sandra Sanches and Gregory Redmond

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Henry Buhl escorts Sandra Sanches down the aisle where friends and family, from as far-flung as Brazil, Dubai, the UK, Malta and the US, joined the bride and groom, Gregory Redmond, for their marriage in Sorrento, Italy.

Friends and family, from as far-flung as Brazil, Dubai, the UK, Malta and the US, joined Sandra Sanches and Gregory Redmond for their marriage on the Fourth of July. 

Held in the sweeping terrace of the Villa Pompeiana of the Bellevue Syrene Hotel, in Sorrento, Italy, the couple exchanged vows with the sound of the crashing waves of the Adriatic Sea below.

The beautiful bride, who is director of public relations and major gifts for the Association of Community Programs for the Homeless (ACE), was given away by ACE’s founder, Henry Buhl.

Maid of honor, Kathrin Apitz, and the groom, Gregory Redmond.
Kathrin Apitz and the bride, Sandra Sanches.
Cesar Leme with the bride.

Minutes before the ceremony.
In memory of the bride’s father, Waldemar Sanches.

Henry Buhl escorts the bride down the aisle.

Celebrant, Cristina Esposito, performs the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, the wedding party enjoyed champagne and canapés before retiring to the reception ballroom for dinner and dancing.

Guests included Adrien Arpel, Dr. Samuel Guillory, Monique Grignard, Henry Buhl, Alexandra Buhl, Kathy Ruland, Kathrin Apitz, Andy Young, Dr. Rosemary Ingleton, Larry Leeds, Ginger Feuer, Carlos and Renee Morrison, Julie Kirchner, Colin Stewart, Kim and Paul Pompeo, Donna and Dick Soloway, Svetlana Smith and Danny Fontana, Jon and Nordia Baker, Rob Goldstone and David Wilson, among others.

Admiring the view of the Amalfi coast.
Sonia Sanders and Cinara Cordeiro.
Kim and Paul Pompeo.

Rob Goldstone congratulates the bride and groom.
Mother of the bride, Maria Sanches, and her daughter.

View from the reception ballroom.
Suzanne Amini and Tobias Buchmann.
Best man, Anthony Buhl.
Larry Leeds.
Kim Pompeo, Sandra and Maria Sanches, and Andy Young.
Sonia Sanders, Sandra and Daniel Vanderbilt.
Suzanne Amini, Kathrin Apitz, Sandra Sanches, Gina Finni, Edris Nicholls, Nicole Perrota, Dr. Rosemary Ingleton, Alexandra Buhl, Sonia Sanders, Andy Young, Cinara Cordeiro, and Kim Pompeo.
Groom throwing the garter.

Dara Sowell, Sandra Sanches, Henry Buhl, and Suzanne Amini.
Sandra and Gregory enjoy fireworks celebrating the evening.
Fireworks form the shape of a heart.

Following the wedding, the newlyweds boarded the yacht Eleni and headed to Capri. From there they spent the next week cruising the Italian Riviera — stopping off at ports along the way including Lipari, Taormina and Siracusa.

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