Timeless Design and Vive les Artistes!

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The Royal Oak Foundation's celebrated its 45th Anniversary at the 19th annual Timeless Design Dinner at the Metropolitan Club.

On October 18th, Royal Oak commemorated its 45th Anniversary at the Metropolitan Club of New York. The two-part event began with the 19th Timeless Design Dinner which dovetailed with the 3rd annual Follies cocktail party.

The dinner program celebrated Rizzoli’s new release: The Country House: Past, Present, Future: Great Houses of The British Isles. The 430-page book features many National Trust properties and was a collaboration with Royal Oak and the National Trust. Sir David Cannadine and Jeremy Musson, the book’s co-editors, and Robert Sackville-West, 7th Baron Sackville, joined BBC World News America anchor and correspondent Laura Trevelyan in an exchange about the past, present and future of the country house.

Follies followed dinner as additional guests socialized and danced to a festive musical arrangement curated by David Kelleher-Flight.

Robert Sackville-West, Jeremy Musson, Sir David Cannadine, and Laura Trevelyan

Thoughtfully-curated décors by Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill and Sarah Magness enhanced Follies and the dining tables, respectively. Royal Oak’s 2015 Damaris Horan fellow, Justin Kegley, projected his aerial films of Stowe and other National Trust landscapes. Acclaimed London-based illustrator and designer Luke Edward Hall created the artwork for the program and invitation.

Special Guests included Lord and Lady Sackville, Lynne Rickabaugh, Susan and William Samuelson, Robert and Julie Daum, Renee and Alan Tucei, Thomas Kelly, Brian Dolan, Betsy Shack Barbanell, Michael A. Boyd, Tracey Dedrick and Alastair Merrick, Susan Ollila, Ronald L. Fleming, Lady Catherine St. Germans, Colleen A. Murphy, Caroline Barnard, Emily and David Beal, Friederike Biggs, Sandy Meehan, Mitchell Owens, James Reginato, Gabriella Skok and Mally Skok, Kerry and Brian Tucei, Arete S. Warren, Imogen Lloyd Webber. Follies Co-Chairs were Emily Collins, Robbie Gordy, Austin Mill and Lansing Moore, Jr.

David Nathans, Lady Jane Sackville, The Hon. Edie Sackville-West, and Lynne Rickabaugh

Sponsors were Rizzoli, Magness Design, Spencer-Churchill Designs, Debevoise & Plimpton, Albion, Holland & Sherry, RoseHyll Studio, Hyde Park Mouldings, Pennoyer Newman, and A.D. Mill PR.

The Royal Oak Foundation is the American affiliate of the National Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland and raises awareness and funds in the U.S. to support historic preservation. HRH The Prince of Wales is the National Trust’s royal patron and president.

William Samuelson, Susan Samuelson, and Sir David Cannadine
Jeremy Musson, Laura Trevelyan, and Lord Robert Sackville
Adrian Taylor, Mitch Owens, Eliza Coran, Sarah Magness, and Peter Lyden
Linda Kelly, Kate Morris, Cissy Bunn, and Jed Morris
Ginny Clark, Brian Brady, and Tracey Dedrick
Kazie Harvey, The Hon. Edie Sackville-West, Lady Jane Sackville, Michael Boyd, and John Harvey
Jane Poole, Pat Dunnington, Betsy Barbanell, and Areta Warren
Ronald Lee Fleming, Lady Catherine St. Germans, Bob Daum, and David Beal
Austin Mill, Gaby Skok, Mally Skok, and William Rutledge
Robbie Gordy, Mitchell Owens, Nicholas Nicholson, and Collier Calandruccio
Tom Greaney, Sara Battler, and Zach Rosen
Caroline Barnard and Imogen Lloyd Webber
Brendan Clarke, Andrew Califano, Spencer Gervasoni, and David Kelleher-Flight
Sandy Gotham Meehan, James Reginato, Imogen Lloyd Webber, Caroline Barnard, Mitchell Owens, and Colleen A. Murphy
Charles Miers and Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill
David Kelleher-Flight, Lauren Junge, Bo Pressly, and David Hamar
L to R.: Joan Dominique and Rishabh Manocha; Friederike Biggs and Jessie Walker
Max Sinsteden, Lucinda May, and William Rutledge
Alan Tucei, Renee Tucei, Kerry Tucei, and Brian Tucei
John Harvey, Michael Boyd, Kazie Harvey, and Bob Daum
William Rutledge, Lansing Moore, and Duncan Grey
Sandy Gotham Meehan, Colleen Murphy, and Greg Joye

The Arts Arena hosted its inaugural New York Benefit Gala, Vive les Artistes, on Friday, October 26th in the Terrace Room at The Plaza Hotel. The Arts Arena expects to raise $500,000 this year to support the non-profit organization’s mission of presenting the quality performances, film screenings, exhibitions, festivals, lectures and conversations with cultural luminaries to the public free of charge.

This year’s benefit honored five exceptional visionaries and leaders in the arts: Mikhail Baryshinkov, James Ivory, Dena Kaye, Robert Storr, and Robert Wilson. Presenters included: Lucinda Childs, Agnes Gund, Mark Morris and Sam Waterston. The Honorable Jane D. Hartley, US Ambassador to France from 2014-2017, served as the Honorary Gala Chair.

Lucinda Childs and Robert Wilson
Nikolay Khozyainov

The evening included a Champagne reception followed by a seated dinner, piano performance by Nikolay Khozyainov, presentation of the honorees, and a flash auction.

The Arts Arena is a non-profit multidisciplinary initiative for the visual, literary, and performing arts, film, and issues of culture and society. Founded in Paris in 2007, The Arts Arena is driven by a deep belief in the power of the arts to have a positive impact on society. Uniquely, Arts Arena performances, film screenings, exhibitions, festivals, lectures and conversations with cultural luminaries are free and open to the public, thus giving access to the highest caliber of artists to the broadest and most diverse audience, regardless of income. To date, it has produced over 250 cultural events in Paris, London, and New York.

Nancy Umanoff, Mark Morris, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Lisa Rinehart
L to R.: Janie Woo Scher, Sam Waterston, and Stephen K. Scher; Emma Conlon
Barbara Pine and Robert Storr
Andrew Nodell, Robbie Gordy, and Anthony Roth Costanzo
L to R.: Mikhail Baryshnikov, Lisa Rinehart, and Margery Arent Safir; Nicole Boutmy de Katzmann and Christpher Whalen
Benita Carr, Lee Potter, Paige Betz, and Elizabeth Belfer
Dena Kaye, Agnes Gund, and James Ivory
Dena Kaye, Vin Cipolla, and Margery Arent Safir
L to R.: Paten Hughes, Kevin Kinsella, Lehn Goetz, and Nikolay Khozyainov; Lehn Goetz and Hildi Santo-Tomas
Hal Witt and Karolina Blaberg
L to R.: Hildi Santo-Tomas and Emma Conlon; Chuck Muckenfuss and Angela Lancaster
Larry Chiff and Alexandra Hughes
Lisa Rinehart and Kate Lear
L to R.: Gabrielle Martin and Kate Lear; Agnes Gund and Yvonna Russell
Margery Arent Safir, Lucinda Childs, and Sharon Delano
L to R.: Antonio Dominguez de Haro and Isabel Dominguez De Haro; Lena Baum and Guy Bloch-Champfot
Mikhail Baryshnikov, Lisa Rinehart, and Margery Arent Safir
Hal Witt, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Michele Pesner, and Steve Pesner
L to R.: James Ivory and Dena Kaye; Peter Wagner and Sandra Jordan
Olivia Cipolla and Ebony Williams
Richard Marks, Matthew Sturtevant, Tracy Thomas, Teddy Matin, and Gabrielle Martin

Photographs by Annie Watt (Royal Oak); BFA and Julie Skarratt (Arts Arena)

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