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Tenor Javier Camarena performing at a black tie dinner for the Salzburg Festival Society's Salzburg Festival.

The Salzburg Festival Society celebrated The Salzburg Festival with its annual black-tie evening, also announcing the 2019 season of the Salzburg Festival dedicated to the theme of Mythology. The program was presented by the Festival’s Artistic Director Markus Hinterhäuser and President Helga Rabl-Stadler, with an unforgettable musical program sung by Tenor Javier Camarena and Soprano Rosa Feola.

In 2019, the Directorate of the Salzburg Festival hope to kindle further interest and curiosity in myths from antiquity, which the Festival co-founder Hugo von Hofmannsthal saw as a ‘magic mirror’. Mythical tales from long ago still raise ever-relevant questions about human existence, addressing themes of war, flight, sacrifice, revenge, guilt and atonement. “Mythology means going to the root of everything and questioning what it means in our time,” the festival’s artistic director, Markus Hinterhäuser, said in a telephone interview about this edition of the festival, which will be his third at the helm. “Great mythological tales are always like a mirror — in every generation, every period.” (New York Times)

Soprano Rosa Feola
Tenor Javier Camarena

The inaugural Salzburg Festival Days in New York took place for three days, convening about 250 members and friends of the Salzburg Festival Society to join a special reception at a private home and a guided tour of the Delacroix exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The centerpiece was the Salzburg Festival Society Gala, sponsored by U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management at the St. Regis New York with nearly 150 guests present.

Guests included: Gillian Attfield, Caroline Bassett, Edgar Batista, Tony Bechara, Joel Bell and Marife Hernandez, Susan and Richard Braddock, Noreen Buckfire, Nabil and Samantha Chartouni, Wim Kooyker and Judith-Ann Corrente, Isabelle Harnoncourt Feigen and Richard L. Feigen, Carole Bailey French and John French III, Susan Gutfreund, Alexandra Kauka Hamill and Sterling Hamill, Stephen and Debi Harnik, Maria Eugenia Maury and William Haseltine, Rolf Heitmeyer, Karen Hsu, Jill Collier Indyk, Kitty Isola, Frederick Koch, Marie and James Marles, Beatrix Medinger, Nina and Neal McElroy, Mary McFadden, Rita Mehos, Mary Kasser Mochary, Elisabeth and Karlheinz Muhr, Francis O’Neill, Christa Percopo, Jean Perin, Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon B. Polsky, Isabella Ponta and Werner Ebm, Irene Rothschild, Daniel Rothschild, Sana Sabbagh, David Sadroff, Sima and Omar Sawaf, Marjorie Layden Schimberg, Cecilia and Guillermo Schultz, Bonnie Simon, Marie-Monique and Ray Steckel, Nicola Tegoni, Shamina Thalyarkahn, Luz Miriam Toro, Dorothée Volpini de Maestri and Alexa Wesner.

L to R.: Helga Rabl-Stadler and Alexa Wesner; Armand Bartos and Stephanie French

The Festival’s founding mission is to unite nations, foster peaceful relations and engage audience members through a common appreciation of music, opera and theater. “Without our members the artistic program of the Salzburg Festival would not be as rich, and additional projects could not be feasible”, Helga Rabl-Stadler, President of the Salzburg Festival, states proudly.

The Salzburg Festival Society is based in New York, and was founded in 2005 serving as the official liaison between the Salzburg Festival and its American friends and patrons. With a dedicated board of directors and circle of friends the Salzburg Festival Society supports artists and productions of the Salzburg Festival, adding to the necessary funding that the Salzburg Festival receives annually. It provides its members with exclusive access to events and services related to the Festival. The broader mission of the Society is to advance the general public’s understanding and appreciation of classical music. The Salzburg Festival Society believes that the performing arts play a vital role toward enhancing, uniting and transforming society. The next Gala in New York will celebrate the Centennial Year for the Festival!

L to R.: Willem Kooyker and Judith-Ann Corrente; Dorothée Volpini de Maestri with Karlheinz and Elisabeth Muhr
Neal and Nina McElroy
Kitty Isola, Markus Hinterhäuser, and Luz Miriam Toro
L to R.: Mary McFadden; Mary Mochary, Violet Kasser, and Jean Perin
Leon Polsky, Helga Rabl-Stadler, Cynthia Polsky, Heinrich Spängler, and Nabil Chartouni
Frederick Koch, Helga Rabl-Stadler, and Alexandra Kauka-Hamill
Marie-Monique and Ray Steckel
L to R.: Cecilia and Guillermo Schultz; Carole Bailey French, John French III, and Sana Sabbagh
Joseph Bartning and Susan Gutfreund
L to R.: Stephanie Hill Wilchfort and Benjamin Wilchfort; Charles Holmes and Karen Hsu
Max and Caroline Jahn, Morgan and Maggie Blake, and Floriane and Thomas Annicq
Alden Warner, Bonnie Simon, and Leon and Cynthia Polsky
Joel Bell, Marifé Hernandez, Tony Bechara, and Isabella Ponta
Joseph Bartning, Shamina Thalyarkahn, Edgar Batista, and Janeen Duarte Bartning
Markus Hinterhäuser and Irene Rothschild

Ballet Palm Beach celebrated its patrons, leaders, and dancers when Theodora Aspegren and Robert Bailey hosted a festive holiday party, which gave an intimate preview of Dance Revealed. This will be the dance company’s main fundraiser scheduled for January 31st and the premiere event for the new Fritz gallery in Palm Beach.

The Dance Revealed benefit will feature cocktails and a special performance by Ballet Palm Beach dancers. Ballet legend Steve Caras will present. And guests will see a live auction of experiences; among those being a stage appearance in The Nutcracker at the Kravis Center in December 2019.

Ballet legend Steve Caras, BPB founder and artistic director Colleen Smith, Theodora Aspegren, and Robert Bailey

Dance Revealed will raise funds for productions, education, and outreach programs. The company produces stunning professional performances. It also initiates outreach in the community and abroad.

Company founder and artistic director Colleen Smith has a clear mission for the Palm Beach county dance company: “We enrich the community through our performances and outreach programs. In doing this we teach thousands of underserved families every year.”

For more information go to: www.balletpalmbeach.org or call: 561-630-8235

‘Dance Revealed’ co-chairs Robert Bailey, Theodora Aspegren, and Chase Thomas
L to R.: Anka Palitz and Colleen Smith; Geoff and Lisa Aldridge
Ken Gerrity, Bette Mueller, and Alan Brainerd
L to R.: Sean and Erin McGould; Enrique and Theresa Tomeu
Gaynelle Gosselin, Colleen Smith, and Steve Caras
Edward Kay and Sally Benson with BPB Dancers
Chase Thomas, Anka Palitz, and Rick Rose
Chuck Poole and Bruce Langmaid
BPB dancers in costumes

Palm Beach inside and out. Palm Beach interior designer Gil Walsh and beau Johnny Johnson celebrated the holiday season in high style with a cocktail party at Gil’s chic, newly opened design studio. Guests packed the soaring design library for drinks and hors d’oeuvres, served up by caterer Tim Edwards‘ handsome squadron, while jazz saxaphonist Miguel Newberry provided the quintessential cool vibe. There: Gina Mortara, Tom Quick and Mike Donnell, Kips Bay’s Nazira Handel, Steven Stolman and Rich Wilkie and scores more.

L to R.: Harry Bader and Gil Walsh; Tom Shaffer and Harry Bader
Partying in the Design Library
L to R.: Hugh Treadwell and Beth Neuhoff; Johnny Johnson and Gil Walsh
A heavy pour
L to R.: Beau Saridis and Nazira Handel; Gil Walsh and Bud Broda
Jazz saxaphonist Miguel Newberry
L to R.: Ann Summers and Cathy Duemler; Harry Bader and Nazira Handel
L to R.: Gil’s Office; Books and Awards

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Photographs by CAPEHART (Ballet Palm Beach)

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