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Friday, November 26, 2021. Not much Sun Thanksgiving Day in New York, but with temps in the low 50s. And very quiet in my neighborhood. From the looks of the windows at night in the apartment buildings along the avenue, it’s easy to see many are not in residence for this holiday weekend. Although the weatherman is forecasting some “snow” late tomorrow night (that “won’t accumulate”).

So it’s a quiet town from this kid’s point of view. Although there were neighbors out in mid-afternoon yesterday. Mainly young families including some of the littlest ones (ages 2-4) on their three-wheel scooters. The little girls are the speed champs; fun to watch, makes me laugh.

Yesterday, however was also a big workday for our friend Paige Peterson who annually covers for us the launch site of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which sets up and starts right under her apartment windows on Central Park West.

Which speaking of, I learned this week from Ephemeral New York that the first Macy’s parade occurred 97 years ago, on November 27, 1924. They originally called it the Christmas Parade because it was a promo for their great and popular department store.

But back to Paige. Her holiday calendar begins with a pre-Thanksgiving cocktail party timed for 5 to 8. This is an annual event. I think her guest list numbers about sixty. But it’s very cozy. Guests can watch from Paige’s windows as the floats are being brought in, on the four lane street below, while crews are organizing the launch of the full parade for early Thursday morning. Paige’s windows are not high up so the view is excellent.

She said that guests tend to arrive early and are gone by 7. Maybe because there wasn’t a parade or party last year, this year is more important. It’s a chance for people to be out and about and around others. And so they stayed longer, even for some up to 10 pm, enjoying the company. Here’s what it looks like. To me it’s the best part of a party: looking at it. You don’t even need to know the individuals; you can see them.

Matthew Sean Blumm, Paige Peterson, and David Lewis.
Sonia Manzano, Keli Goff, and Nikki Haskell.
Daren Khairule, Gabriela Manuel Corral, and Lucia Corral.
Cynthia Taylor, Joseph Ford, Kelsey Ford, Vivienne Ford, and Stephen Taylor.
Joe Geist, Peter Brown, and Jane Friedman.
L. to r.: Lucia Corral and Emily Cercone; Paula Silver and Nikki Haskell.
Craig Unger, Charlie Thompson, Cherrie Ward, and Donald du Bain.

Ezriel E Kornel, Rick Smolan, and Jennifer Erwitt.

Joe Geist, Brianna Geist, Heidi Paige Geist, Kylee Geist, Peter Cary Peterson, Devon Geist, and Paige Peterson.
Kylee, Brianna and Devon Geist with Carolina Manuel Coral and Sierra Jane Bishop.
Craig Unger and Sonia Manzano.
Sonia in stitches.
George Rush and Craig Unger.

Neesia Pope, Susan Calhoun Moss, Lisa Shultz, and Sam Moss.
Nikki Haskell, Keli Goff, Nancy Collins, and Lisa Schultz.
Paige Peterson and Jesse Kornbluth.
Brianna and Devon Geist.
Carolina Manuel Coral and Sierra Jane Bishop.

Afterwards that night Paige had to send us her photos from the party, and then begin the next part of her Thanksgiving Day Parade project. She wanted to focus a little more on the prep, watching it come together. That began before dawn – by 6 am. Paige was there.

And then when it officially was launched, she was 8 blocks south on the avenue at her friend Peter Brown’s apartment photographing the crowds and the day and the foliage — and all those things we can all be thankful for including the tradition of the Macy’s Christmas and Thanksgiving Day Parade.

We’ll see the rest of the parade in progress on Monday’s Diary.

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