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Valerie Steele leading the Couture Council exhibition tour of Exhibitionism: 50 Years of The Museum at FIT.

Dr. Joyce F. Brown, President, Fashion Institute of Technology, and Dr. Valerie Steele, Director, The Museum at FIT, hosted the opening reception of Exhibitionism: 50 Years of The Museum at FIT. Taken entirely from the museum’s permanent holdings, Exhibitionism features 33 of the most iconic and influential shows over the past 50 years.

Guests — including Veronica Webb, Fern Mallis, John Bartlett, Kamie Lightburn, Yaz Hernandez, Eleanora Kennedy, and Darcy Rigas — enjoyed a private Couture Council tour, followed by the opening reception. Tim Gunn gave a celebratory Champagne toast.

Valerie Steele, Dr. Joyce F. Brown, Tim Gunn, Emilie Rubinfeld, and Yaz Hernandez
Carole Divet Harting, Sharon Jacob, and Nina Whitman
L to R.: Kamie Lightburn; John Bartlett; Eleanora Kennedy
Darcy Rigas, Carole Divet Harting, Sharon Jacob, Yaz Hernandez, and Valerie Steele
L to R.: Colleen Salonga; Mona Aboelnaga Kanaan; Carole Divet Harting
Dr. Joyce F. Brown and Emilie Rubinfeld
Dr. Valerie Steele
L to R.: Angela Dotson; Cally Stavropoulos; Kathy Reilly
Heidi Holterbosch, Darcy Rigas, and Lauren Solomon
Marjorie R. Harris, Valerie Steele, Jane E. DeFlorio, and Yaz Hernandez
L to R.: Veronica Webb and Yaz Hernandez; Laura Nicklas and Inga Kozel
Marjorie R. Harris and Jody Gardner
Patricia Selden, Nettie Thomas, Ina Selden, and Judy Cooperman
L to R.: Lucia Hwong Gordon; Louise Doktor
Tim Gunn, Dr. Joyce F. Brown, and Dr. Valerie Steele

On Friday, January 18th, the Nantucket Historical Association hosted a private tour of the Charles and Valerie Diker Collection and dinner for their Winter Show supporters at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The evening was hosted by NHA Board of Trustees President Kelly Williams and her husband, Andrew Forsyth. The NHA’s exhibition at The Winter Show was made possible with the help of these loyal and generous supporters who stepped forward with enthusiasm.

The Winter Show is the leading art, antiques, and design fair in America, featuring 70 of the world’s top experts in the fine and decorative arts and a featured loan exhibitor. NHA was the 2019 loan exhibitor. The exhibition, Collecting Nantucket, Connecting the World, presents the very best in paintings, craft, and folk arts in the NHA collection. During the two weeks of the show from January 18- 27, the NHA is hosting a suite of events and lectures.

Annabelle and Gregory Fowlkes
Chip Carver, Anne DeLaney, Andrew Forsyth, Wendy Hudson, and Jason Tilroe
Coco Kopelman and Michael Kovner
Douglas Bratton and Kelly Williams
Bobbi McPeak, Chip Carver, and Anne DeLaney
Gregory Fowlkes, Elizabeth Anathan, and Thomas Anathan
Janet and Rick Sherlund with Bruce Malenfant
Janet Sherlund, Carolyn MacKenzie, and Denise Saul
Jean Doyen de Montaillou and Denise Saul
John McDermott, Victoria McManus, Sarah F. Alger, and Bruce Malenfant
Karyn Frist and Anne Marie Bratton
L to R.: Karen and Dr. Malcolm MacNab; Rick Sherlund with Phoebe and Bobby Tudor
Kelly Williams, James Russell, Anne DeLaney, Bobbi McPeak, and Johanna Richard
Kelly Williams, Nancy Abbey, Mary Randolph Ballinger, Douglas Abbey, and Karyn Frist
Michelle and Tucker Holland with Maureen Bousa and Patricia Anathan
Kelly Williams and Arie L. Kopelman

Photographs by Matteo Prandoni/ (FIT)

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