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The Statue of Liberty at dusk. Photo: JH.

Friday, June 30, 2023. Yesterday was another sunny day in New York with temps in the high 70s, low 80s but nice. Except.  The early morning sunrise came with that otherworldly reddish-pink air from the Canadian fires that affected us last week. By mid-day the Sun was bright enough to cut through except in the north and south distance it was just filled with that smoky air. The entire northeastern part of the country is breathing an air quality considered “very unhealthy.” 

It’s very bad down through Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. They’re now calling a Code Red air quality on alert for the region. Some areas around the nation’s capital were getting close to Code Purple. It’s been reported that the air quality in D.C. is worse than it was a couple of weeks ago. I make note of all of this smoky air that we’re breathing. It’s a major source of pollution; what else is it?

Travelin’ times. Today is the first day of another holiday weekend, although because the Fourth is on a Tuesday this year, does that mean a four day weekend? I’ll bet it runs through the whole week for a lot of people. Why not? It is officially summertime for the working people of this country. 

I’m sure the town, however, will be busy with all the visitors who come to New York just to see it. I felt that way as a kid growing up in Massachusetts and I still do today. It’s a whole world onto itself out there. All of humankind has settled here; or passed through.

When I first came to New York, a New England boy, I was surprised by all the foreign language-speaking people who lived here. Mainly immigrants; although many today have mastered the American English language. Something even many of us natives have yet to do. I was also surprised by how nice and how friendly the natives were. I know that truth still holds with most because I’ve witnessed it. It’s what really turns the travelers on to New York.

I got this email this morning from a friend whose main residence is somewhere down among the sweltering palms of Palm Beach. He travels a lot for his business, and his pleasure, and even keeps a small flat in Spain. He has a natural enthusiasm for his travels, by which I mean he enjoys all of it, and is an excellent observer.

His message:

I chuckled when I saw your posting of the London fragrance launch by a woman I’ve never met and NYSD favorite (and mine) Marc Rosen …. Fancy Gals in London smelling nice.

I’ve been in England for 6 weeks now, alternating between Countryside and London City.

I’ve never experienced so many Americans … not just the bold and beautiful, but wide eyed seniors from the Heartland as well.

Garden lovers coddled by a Royal Oak Tour to Ascot enclosure, wannabes to design folks lured over the pond by RH Galleries opening festivities at Aynhoe Park.

You can’t do a rural pub crawl without running into someone from Dallas, Duluth or Detroit.

I keep hearing about Recession looming … you wouldn’t know it from The Cotswolds or West Sussex … Americans are keeping it all rolling  … I’m not a Claridges guy, but a single room at a 4 star, just a hot and a cot is quoting at £600! … I need to find a safe and secure park bench!

Long Live England … Charles, Camilla, Wills & Kate are all working their Gigs … nice assist from the D & D of Edinburgh and of course, my fave, Anne of stiff upper lip … keep on and carry on!

The Duke & Duchess of Montecito look to be this era’s Windsors of Paris exile … substitute their two little spawn for pugs … it’s history written all over again.

Cheers from … not quite a Lord, but just your average run of the mill NYSD enthusiast and A READER

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