Valentine’s Day Celebrations at Doubles

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Fun on the dance floor at at Doubles at the LITTLE PEOPLE'S VALENTINE DISCO DANCE.

Last week, Wendy Carduner welcomed over 600 members and guests to three different Valentine’s Celebrations at Doubles, the ever-chic private club in the Sherry-Netherland. At the LITTLE PEOPLE’S VALENTINE DISCO DANCE, children up to eight years old were entertained by Daisy Doodle’s face painters and balloon artists, while their bellies were filled with dinner snacks of chicken fingers, grilled cheese triangles, and baby hot dogs. But the most fun was happening on the dance floor as everyone sang and danced along with the MC and DJ. As Wendy says, “You’re never too young for dancing … or for Doubles!”

Ashley Koch, Meghan Klopp, and Brooke Kennan.
Jeanne Leviant and Vanessa Devielcasto.
L. to r.: Leah McDonald; Marina Rutherfurd.
Mirella Smith.
Lauren Muzinich.
Susan Gutfreund and Lauren Gutfreund.

And on Wednesday’s big “BE MY VALENTINE” BUFFET LUNCHEON, the tables were decorated with hearts, flowers and Valentine confetti. Members and guests were treated to a delicious buffet lunch and spectacular dessert table filled with Valentine heart-shaped desserts. At night, the menu of lobster salad, Dover sole and filet mignon was loved by all. The dancing began at 9:3o and the dance floor was filled the moment the Club’s new disco lights were turned on.

Those enjoying the festivities included: Brooke Kennan, Meghan Klopp, Jeanne Leviant, Gina Tomenson, Elizabeth Darst, Katherine Boulud, Susan Gutfreund, Blair Husain, Kate Davis, Anna Maida, Esra Munnell, Melanie Holland, Sarah and John McLaughlin, Peter and Kara Georgiopoulos, Blakely Griggs, Noel Momsen, and many, many more.

L. to r.: Katie Lens, Elizabeth Darst, and Caroline Phillips; Anna Bender-Zeckendorf, Dorie Smith, and Blythe Brock.
Virginia Tomenson, Amory McAndrew, and Louise Armstrong.
Anna Maida and friends.
Liza Joseph and friends.
Esra Munnell and friends.
Natalia Torres, Julia Kiel, Whitney Rouse, and friends
L. to r.: Noriko and Karl Rozak.
Wendy Carduner making the rounds.
Sharyn Mann, Charlotte Schoenfeld, and Adrianne Silver.
Blair Hussain and friends.
Ladies in red.
Oliver and Brooke Kennan, with Meghan and Adam Klopp.
L. to r.: Peter and Kara Georgiopoulos; Wendy Carduner, Blakely Griggs, and Noel Momsen.
Sarah and John McLaughlin’s table.
Peter and Patricia Estes, with McKenzie Platt.
Mary and Malcom Rowe, with Courtney and Chris Hardart.
Britta Jacobsen, Amanda and Steven Schumacher, Tara and Chris Johnson, and Philip Berlinski.
Vince Parry, Melanie Holland, David Holland, Jennifer Bradford Davis, Carolyn Parry, and Steve Kennedy.

Photographs by Stephen Smith and Luiza Pikora / Annie

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