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Jennifer Beamish, Jackson Kemper III, Barbara Gross, David Gross, Patrick Hill, Jacqueline Hill, Alexander Von Rohrcheidt, and Kristin Park at The Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller, Commandery of New York's annual Holiday gala.

The Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller, Commandery of New York held their annual Holiday gala in support of America’s VetDogs on Saturday December 3rd at the New York National Arts Club.

America’s VetDogs was created by the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc. in 2003 to provide assistance dogs to America’s wounded veterans and first responders to help them return to a life without boundaries.

America’s VetDogs guide dogs.

The Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller is among the oldest orders of chivalry in existence. PRO FIDE, PRO UTILITATE HOMINUM: for faith and service to humanity remains its primary mission.

The holiday honorary gala chair was Chevalier Patrick Hill, Commander of the New York Order of St. John with chairperson Dame Carolyn Palmer and co-chairperson Dame Jacqueline von Rohrscheidt Hill. Both members of The Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller and their friends enjoyed a lovely evening.

Deanna Passarelli, Pamala Wright, Andrea Wernick, Sharon Bush, and Ruth Miller.
Barry Jansen, Elizabeth Jansen, Sharyn Tondel, Monsignor Peter Smutelovic, and Lawrence Tondel.
Paul Vigue, Carla Vigue, Mary Elaine Morris, and David Morris.
Julie and Tom Connors.
Carla Vigue, Diana Frankel Hughes, and Evelyn Berry.
L. to r.: Joe Worley, Jaime McGrade, Leslie Tayne, and David Dix; John and Elke Rittenhouse.
Robert Lahita, Monsignor Peter Smutelovic, and David Gross.
Melanie Coronetz and Jaime McGrade.
Bruce and Margaret Iannelli.
L. to r.: Cheri Kaufman and Bill Sclight; Patricia and Tom Shiah.
Susan Gross, Barbara Ostrom, and Diana Frankel Hughes.
Judy McLaren, Michelle Ayres, and Douglas Ayres.
Fulvia McCrie, Robert McCrie, and Elisie Sammartino.
Melanie Coronetz and Bruce Miller.
L. to r.: Allen and Heidi Roberts; Darcy Linares, Paul Mancuso, and Jacqueline Hill.
Alexander Von Rohrcheidt, Kristin Park, Jackson Kemper III, and Sandra Caruso.
Chelsea Bonagura, Diana Frankel Hughes, Susan Gross, and Jackson Kemper III.
Fulvia McCrie, Mary Elaine Morris, Robert McCrie, and Carolyn Palmer.
L. to r.: Tom Kelly and Gregory Reardon; Peter Hoffman and Guy Robinson.
Odile Longchampt, Michel Longchampt, and Carolyn Palmer.
Laurel Epstein, Jacqueline Hill, and Sandra Caruso.
Ricky Passarelli, Joel Wernick, Andrea Wernick, Deanna Passarelli, Maria Fishel, Ken Fishel, Bob Murray, Pamala Wright, Greg Holmes, and Sharon Bush.
Ruth Miller, Bill Van Ness, Ann Van Ness, Vincent Bonagura, Judy McLaren, and David M. Hayes.
Carolyn Palmer, Jacqueline Hill, Ann Van Ness, and Bill Van Ness.

Lighthouse Guild kicked off its 16th season in Palm Beach with a festive Holiday Tea on December 7, 2022, hosted by Jackie Weld Drake at her house in Palm Beach. 

Marc Rosen, Founder of the Palm Beach Friends of Lighthouse Guild, thanked Weld-Drake for hosting the tea, acknowledged Weld-Drake and James Borynack, the honorees at the upcoming Annual Visionary Evening Dinner on February 27, 2023, at Club Colette, and introduced Dr. Calvin Roberts, Lighthouse Guild’s President and CEO and a Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City.

Cal Roberts, Jackie Weld Drake, and James Borynack.

Dr. Roberts, who gratefully acknowledged the host and guests, said, “your support makes what we do possible,” and added that earlier this year, Lighthouse Guild opened its Technology Center at its headquarters in New York City, which is the world’s largest and most advanced one-stop resource for vision care, rehabilitation, and technology training.

Dr. Roberts also demonstrated NaviLens, an innovative solution that marries QR technology with orientation guidance. People who are blind or have low vision can use a free app on their smart phone to navigate and access indoor settings and broader spaces such as subway stations, bus stops, museums, and even local supermarkets.

The festivities will continue at the by-invitation kick-off cocktail reception Borynack is hosting at Findlay Galleries on January 20, 2023.

Lighthouse Guild is dedicated to providing exceptional services that inspire people who are visually impaired to attain their goals. The organization provides coordinated care for eye health, vision rehabilitation, behavioral health and technology as well as related services. Its podcast series, “On Tech & Vision with Dr. Cal Roberts” offers information and insights about technological innovations that remove barriers for people who are blind or visually impaired. For more information, visit

L. to r.: Rudy and Emmy Scheerer; Adolfo Zarulegui and Daisy Soros.
Jackie Weld Drake, Marc Rosen, and Audrey Gruss.
L. to r.: Barbara de San Damian and Jean Denoyer; Frannie Scaife and Andrea Roberts.
L. to r.: Fern Tailer and Peggy Moore; Marc Rosen and Beth DeWoody.
Frannie Scaife, Barbara de San Damien, Fern Tailer, and Peggy Moore.
L. to r.: Val Polner and Kelly Ashton Sant Albano; Rajive Johri and Sharon Jacquet.

Photographs by John Sanderson/ (St. John); Capehart (Lighthouse)

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