Washington Social Diary: From Georgetown To Old Town

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It’s a New York Social Diary tradition each year for this column to feature the festive holiday decorations of the homes in Georgetown, the capital’s well-preserved historic neighborhood that was founded in 1751 and once served as a port. The residential area is one of the prettiest places to stroll during the holidays. This year we add another neighborhood. We crossed the river to Virginia to visit that other equally charming historic district, Old Town Alexandria, which was founded even earlier than Georgetown, 1749, and also served as an important port. People like to compare the two neighborhoods but they are different; comparing Old Town to Georgetown is like comparing Nantucket to Martha’s Vineyard.

But what they have in common, beyond brick sidewalks, some cobblestone streets and gas lamps, is both are supremely walkable, and they dress up for the holiday season. We begin with Georgetown and the visit made last week by “Santa Claus,” aka David Abrams, a dedicated community leader who always goes the extra distance for the neighborhood and his neighbors. When he arrived at Rose Park, in full costume, David took a fall and cracked a rib. But Santa had a job to do. “I was able to sit and hoist kids onto my lap for 2 hours,” he wrote. “It was only when I stood up and walked home (less than one block) when the pain hit.”  That’s the holiday spirit.

“Santa Claus,” aka David Abrams

From Washington Social Diary to all our wonderful readers, we wish you the very best of the season and remember, Santa knows who’s naughty or nice … so, what the hell, be naughty.

The Christmas spirit in Old Town Alexandria …

Photographs by Carol Joynt

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