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Thursday, June 24, 2021. A nice sunny day in New York, now Summer, with the temp in the mid-70s and the “Air Quality” is/was Excellent. It was a beautiful day.

Watching the world go by. Prince Harry. The Post stated that Prince Charles allegedly said that he would not make Harry’s son a Prince when he (Charles) came to the throne. Whoopee do. 

Now, of course, to keep the family shambles in flame there are reports that Harry is very upset. So am I. But not about Harry or Prince Charles or the big bro William (not Billy) or any of them.

The Queen celebrating her “second” 95th birthday in June.

They really have no power anyway until Big Mama dies. And, thankfully, it’s looking like she’s not leaving soon. But in the meantime, with everything else going on in the world that can scare the ess-ach-eye-tea out of ya, a lot of people are into Harry and Meghan, that toddlin’ town, and how awful, what losers, what schemers, what Ever else they are.

The Royals are interesting to me because they are “family.” Which is what most of us “have.” The Royals are the Superior (in one way or another), they are Exclusive, and they live in palaces and get waited on left and right. That is who they are, and they’re wonderful just to watch, because of it. And Her Majesty is brilliant in her role. It is historic and she’s made it  look like it was simply the way it is done. And it is. But She, like the rest of us, is living in a disgruntled world and it is Our Nature to survive. At least it has been up till now.

A family affair. Photograph by Alexi Lubomirski.

However. Harry. I feel sorry for Harry. He’s a kid who came from a kind of privilege that is almost insurmountably unimaginable to almost all of us peons (and peonettes).  He was the world popular Prince. Not his brother or his father. He was the movie star famous in his family. Like his mother. They loved him out there. And he left because of his wife.

So it may look like She did it, and so it has looked ever since. But on the other hand, he did leave. That’s how much it meant to him at the time. He chose his wife over “his own family.” Perhaps it was  what he had always dreamed of.

It is unfortunate that this public family can’t quiet down this gotcha melee. Besides, it’s a big family and their stories cover the waterfront just like the rest of us. Prince Andrew anybody? And how about Prince Charles’ relationship with their mother, the ill-fated Diana? 

These things happen in families at all levels of society. In a way, the greatest loss may turn out to be that of The Royal Family. Before all this, his public image, the image of his “Country” (and the Royal Family) was very successful. As successful as were his mother’s during her lifetime. It is almost ironic, a great international diplomat down through the years. A relatable Prince.

Who knows what will come of it, and of his relationship with Meghan. Of course she married him for who he was. There’s a long long long line out there of who wudda if they cudda, especially with a world hero.  And maybe she’s in charge. Is that unusual? Isn’t that’s what it’s about for so many of the rest of us too? 

This is not the first Royal escapee in their history, nor as world famous as HRH Edward VIII giving it all up to marry Mrs. Simpson, the American divorcee fortune hunter. They called her every name in the book and backed it up a with a lot of “facts.” It was anything but her. Well, it turned out she was His queen and she ran the show just like a lot of girls you know. The show lasted the rest of his lifetime. And hers. We may be looking at a replay of history. That wouldn’t be the only replay I can think of right now.

(Joe Pugliese/Harpo Productions/PA)

It’s all in the name of Power. Who has it and who doesn’t. Right  now the crowd (the media) is cheering for The Family and not that terrible Meghan (“who only married him for whatever results”). And then the maddening couple go on the Tube with Oprah scooping, to say what they think and feel about his family. And probably profit; it is Hollywood after all, serious business. Harry’s side is not acceptable to most people probably because he married the wrong girl in their opinions. That and the media power of the Royal Family PR division.

People talk about it as if it’s in their family, as if they understand. They don’t understand that family. It’s like any family on one level emotionally, but otherwise it not really like any family because it’s a monument to Power. The individuals are objects of that power, symbols of a nether-power, human but something else too. Today it’s a political device. If you wanna know what I think.

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