What to Wear to Hit the Slopes in Style

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Heading off to the Slopes this season?  Look effortlessly chic when you hit the hills by upgrading your schussing with stylish ski wear. Even if you are not one who likes to strap on the stix, your days on holiday will be spent in glorious outdoor activities such as cross country skiing, snowshoeing, and other en plein air antics. When thinking of what to wear, nothing looks better than the classic fitted jacket, nipped in at the waist, paired with comfortable yet slim cut ski pants – flared boot cut are very much in fashion these days.

Hilary has STEEZ — style with ease!

Hilary picks her favorites in bold strokes: “I love to ski! Sun Valley is one of my favorite places to hit the slopes. The mountain offers it all, and the town is low key with delicious restaurants and atmosphere. My go-to look is white ski pants with a bright jacket and usually a retro piece underneath. I like to wear my mother’s Norwegian sweater from her days of skiing but found this one here that has a more modern feel. Mittens keep my hands the warmest as well as heat tech long underwear from Uniqlo. I always have cash, handkerchief, lip gloss, eye drops and sunglasses in my pockets. Add a helmet and cool goggles and I am ready to tackle the first run.”

Erin Snow Hooded Jacket, $1098 / We Norwegians Wool Top, $259 / Yniq Ski goggles, $431 / Fusalp Diana Ski Pants, $410 / Bogner Leather And Shell Mittens, $250 / Incredible Boot Winter White, $550.

Perfect Moment  is having their moment this season with a retro Intarsia Sweater — the must have for skiing and apres. Intarsia is a method of knitting with strokes of color, each color block is created separately.

Perfect Moment Wool Sweater, $280.

And it comes in all sorts of stylish colorways …

Perfect Moment Sweater, $280.

The Fair Isle technique, also popular for ski attire,  is woven with multiple colored threads, usually in a circular pattern. It is named after Fair Isle, a tiny island in the north of Scotland.

Tory Burch Fair Isle Sweater, $298.

And here is a good example of a Norwegian Sweaters that Hilary referenced.  Tightly woven and very warm.

Dale of Norway Sweater, $400.

We are intrigued with the oh-so flattering one-piece ski suits and happy to see it making a comeback. First designed in the late 40’s by Emilio Pucci, who was an avid skier and instructor. After the war he came up with a brilliant design to combine pants and jacket to create a single garment.  His use of innovative fabrics created a supple streamlined silhouette.

Schussing chic!
We’ve come a long way, baby!

A good-looking ski ensemble is an investment.  Unless you are Lindsay Vonn you probably won’t be buying a new one each year. At NET-A-PORTER we found two fantastic looking Cordova Ski Suits.  One chic and sharp and the other a retro classic with detachable jacket. You can spend much more on snow boots, but we prefer the heritage brand Sorel for tracking to and fro.

Cordova Alta Ski Suit, $980 / Cordova Paneled Suit with Detachable Jacket, $1280 / Perfect Moment Intarsia Sweater, $280 / Sorel Joan of Artic Boots, $200.

This one is a classic.

Perfect Moment Color Block Suit, $900.

Very Bond Girl!

Cordova Four Way Stretch, lined in Fleece, $980.

Or you may prefer the flared leg suits.

Cordova Ski Suit, $1190 / Verbier Paneled Suit, $1390.

Or perhaps a slightly padded version is more your slope style.

Perfect Moment Padded Suit, $1380.

And then there are all of the necessary accoutrements.

Helmets are a must-have for slopeside safety. If you are renting your gear, it is a good idea to bring your own helmet and boots.  You can pack them efficiently in your bag by filling it with smaller items. Giro is a great brand for safety and style.

Giro Fade Helmet, $120.

It is recommended to pick the same brand for goggles as a helmet so everything fits snugly together. Giro, in partnership with Optics by ZEISS, created Vivid Lens Technology which enhances contrast and definition on the snow.  It comes with two interchangeable lenses and in myriad colors.

Giro Women’s Goggles, $120.

A Neck Gaiter is another indispensable piece of your ensemble. Most often made of polar fleece, we prefer to add a little pop with a Glamourpuss Fur Funnel.

Glamourpuss Fur Funnel, $225.

For those who like to stay cozy, heated ski mittens — brilliant!

Heated Rechargeable Gloves, $103.

When wearing a suit that tucks into your ski boots, you will want a pair of Gaiters to keep the powder out.

Cordova Gaitors, $180.

Balaclava are for when the temperatures plummet (we will be in the lodge with a hot toddy).

Backstrap Balaclava, $29.

SKI TIP:  Tuck into your pockets — credit card, cash, lipstick/chapstick, tissues, phone and mints. Always use the same pockets so you can find things with frosty fingers.

At Nordstrom, we found these two sensational looking suits, proving that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look fabulous. As with all of your fashion pieces — proper fit is key — so take your gear to a tailor for any tweaking you may need.

SNO Ombre Snowsuit, $360 / SNO Neon Star Jumpsuit, $320.

Packing all of this gear can be a challenge with the variety of shapes, and the bulk of winter clothing.  We generally use a large rolling duffle for all of our ski things and heavy items, and take another bag for our après ski fashion. Most resorts have a new and fantastic selection of skis and poles to rent if you want to avoid hauling your skis. Also, you can ship your bags ahead of you to make sure that they have arrived safely.

To simplify the process, here is our basic, minimum packing list:

Skiing: 2 pairs of long underwear tops and bottoms,  1 or 2 ski jackets or one piece, 1 or 2 ski pants,  zip neck polar fleece, wool sweater, polar fleece vest,  2 pairs ski socks, neck gaiter, sunglasses, warm hat, snow boots

Gear: ski helmet, goggles, ski boots, skis and poles, 1 or 2 pair of ski gloves or mittens, ski bag

Accessories: tote bag or boot bag (to carry your helmet), boots and alternate layers, leg gaiters for powder skiing,  balaclava, glove liners, hand & foot warmers, energy bar 

And at the end of a day spent on a mountain in the great outdoors, relax in front of a cozy fire and slip into the sublime time known as Apres Ski. But alas, that is for another day.

In the meantime, keep your skis tuned for What to Wear Apres Ski.

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