Your Closet is Overflowing … Why Do You Have Nothing To Wear?

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A performance by Daliah Bernstein in concert with the exhibition 'NOTHING TO WEAR' at ChaShaMa gallery on the Upper East Side.

After a successful one-month exhibit in a ChaShaMa gallery on the Upper East Side, an art installation by Bonnie Comley called ‘NOTHING TO WEAR’ is now on display in the Times Square Art To Wear upcycle store owned by artist/entrepreneur Lesley Ware.

This thought-provoking installation challenges you to reconsider your relationship with clothing and its environmental impact and unravel the complexities of fashion, consumerism, and sustainability as you ponder our overflowing closets and the common phrase, ‘I have nothing to wear.’

‘NOTHING TO WEAR’ is a just as much a call to action as it is an art installation. According to Bonnie, “By championing sustainable consumption and challenging beauty standards, it empowers you to make conscious choices that mirror your values. Above all, it advocates for the well-being of both people and the planet, urging you to be an active participant in the change.”

Lesley Ware, Bonnie Comley, Myron Johnson, and Anita Durst.

ChaShaMa, a non-profit organization, breathes new life into unused real estate by transforming it into affordable work and presentation spaces for artists. With a steadfast commitment to supporting emerging and underrepresented artists, ChaShaMa fosters opportunities for creative expression and community engagement. This event, a collaboration between ChaShaMa, Lesley Ware, and Bonnie Comley, is a testament to the dedication to supporting artists who challenge norms and spark meaningful conversations through their work.

Short performances on select dates enhanced the experience, reinforcing the exhibition’s message. A special thanks goes to Anita Durst, Founder of ChaShaMa, Sarah DeMarino, and exhibit designer Jasper Isaac Johns for making these installations possible.

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Andrew Gotthelf, Madeline Myers, and Henry Tisch.
Alyssa Ritch Frel and Bonnie Comley.
Anita Durst and Shani Grosz.
Anita Durst, Suzanna Bowling, Colleen Dealy, Bonnie Comley, and Ilene Sichel.
Andrina Wekontash Smith and Frankie Lane.
L. to r.: Ellie Heyman and Eleri Ward; Anita Durst and Marc Dale.
Dr. Robi Ludwig, Shani Grosz, and Cooper Lawrence.
Erik Kearney, Bonnie Comley, Gabriel Stelian-Shanks, and Catalin Stelian.
Frankie Lane, Michelle Friedman, and Lenny Lane.
Hannah Duran, Joe Guccione, and Daliah Bernstein.
Jessica Osso, Sarah DeMarino, and Lauren Genevieve.
L. to r.: Director Sarah DeMarino; Ayoluwa Taylor, Bonnie Comley, and Ruth D. Hunt.
Jill Schildkraut-Katz, Erika Elliott, Bonnie Comley, and Steve Katz.
L. to r.: Stewart F. Lane and Pamela Barbey; Suzanna Bowling and Merrie Davis.
Joe Guccione, Sarah DeMarino, Daliah Bernstein, and Hannah Duran.
Joi Danielle Price and Lyell Haynes.
Laura Conroy and Haily Conroy.
L. to r.: Bevin Ross and Bonnie Comley; Sarah DeMarino and Margaret DeMarino.
Shady Kerko and McLean Mills.
Leesa Rowland, Bonnie Comley, and Randi Schatz.
Riki Kane Larimer and Elisa Loti Stein.
Sylvia Hemingway and Bonnie Comley.
Remy Knopf and Bonnie Comley.
Robin Cofer, Bonnie Comley, and Katlean DeMonchy.

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